Babies, Toddlers & Kids Yoga Programming


Third Root’s Yoga with Wee Ones classes foster a warm and welcoming community for all caregivers and children ages 6 weeks  – 6 years.  Little ones and grown-ups can connect with their bodies, each other, and their environment through a variety of developmentally appropriate asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing), singing, shared touch and movement, prop and toy exploration, games, imaginative play, and partnering.The Wee Ones program is divided into “levels”, to support little yogis’ rapidly changing minds, hearts, and bodies at different stages of development, as well as the changing nature of the child-caregiver bond. Caregivers also have the opportunity to make connections with each other that can carry over outside the classroom. Laura, certified adult, child, and baby yoga teacher, and MSEd candidate, offers classes that are nourishing and fun for all, in a supportive and lighthearted environment. From mommies to daddies, aunties, nannies, and grannies, any caregivers are welcome.


Infants, Level I: Tuesdays 11:00 – 12:00pm 

Crawlers / Tots, Level II & III: Fridays 11 – 11:45am

 MONTHLY Yoga with Wee Ones Workshop* – Every First Saturday!

Feb. 4, Mar. 4 & April 1, 2017
Infants and Crawlers: Level I & II (NOTE: 12wks -crawling) 2:00 -3:00pm 
Tots: Level III (toddlers-4yrs) 3:15-4:00pm 
Please note the ages/grouping differences from weekday classes!!
*Taught by Laura Grant, Sarah Beranbaum, and others

*NEW* Pricing

$15 per Wee-Ones Class or Workshop, or 1 class from your yoga class card. No extra charge for additional caregivers. Siblings are half off.


laura grantRead about Yoga with Wee-Ones teacher, Laura Grant here









Sarah was introduced to yoga by her rigorous dance training.  Through studying sensation based dance, she learned about the power of movement and touch, which sparked her excitement in discovering our untapped physical and emotional potential.  Sarah completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Bergerac, France with Jennie Cohen of Yogaworks.  There, she learned to teach both in English, her native tongue and French, her second fluent language.  She has since studied Yoga for Trauma with Lisa Danylchuk and Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Jenn Turner.  Sarah enjoys teaching to people of all ages and developmental stages, starting with those who are 6 weeks old! Sarah’s classes are focused on proper alignment, which gives space for interoceptive exploration. Sarah wishes to create a safe space where any body is welcome to discover, play, and breath.

Infants (6 weeks – early crawling)

“Infants” class is for babies who are 6 weeks through pushing back on the belly. Class focuses on developing babies’ ability to regulate their new and sensitive nervous system, introducing sensory stimulation of all kinds in a supportive way. Special attention is paid to tummy time and helping babies develop the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship of limbs to spine for future postural support and cognitive development. All activities emphasize the baby-caregiver bond, and attention is paid to supporting self-care for caregivers’ stressed minds and bodies.

Crawlers (crawling – early walking)

“Creepers and Crawlers” class is for babies who are scooting on their tummies through almost walking. Class focuses on supporting these babies’ new ability to move through space – rolling, scooting, creeping, crawling, and cruising – as well as introducing more socialization with others. Playful partner activities with caregivers help develop babies’ growing sense of balance, verticality, and relationship to gravity. Asana for caregivers also supports a sense of lightheartedness, community, and the skill of not forgetting oneself while tending to a newly mobile baby.

Tots (walking – age 3)

“Tots” class is for children who are walking up to age 3. Class focuses on developing toddlers’ growing independence and mobility, body awareness, early language skills, ability to follow directions and be part of a group, and increased socialization and communication with others. Caregivers and toddlers play together, as caregivers often demonstrate and toddlers imitate recognizable yoga postures.  As toddlers do more on their own, caregivers have more and more opportunities to move and stretch their own bodies.

Kids (2.5 – age 6) not currently offered weekly

“Family” class is for children ages 2.5-6 with caregivers.  This is a playful class that supports children’s growing use of their imagination and increasing physical abilities.  Each class takes students on an adventurous journey, using creative storytelling, asanas (postures), games and songs.  Children and caregivers get to work on balance, coordination, and strength alongside each other.  They also begin to explore the philosophical foundations of yoga in an age-appropriate way (e.g., “be nice”, “practice peace”, etc.).   


“I can’t remember exactly how old my daughter was when I started yoga with wee ones at Third Root. 6 weeks.  Perhaps 10 weeks.  I can’t remember because it was such a scary, wonderful, whirlwind of a time.  I was a new mom 3,000 miles away from my family.  I bet Laura, the instructor knows.  I know that Laura knows that my daughter is now 17 months old because we are still doing yoga with wee ones.  For me, Third Root with my baby was a salvation.  I met all of my mother and caregiver friends there.  Like minded people caring for children near the same age.  People coming together to do something good for their baby and themselves.  I’ve also had the opportunity to see my daughter develop a love of yoga.  Every time I lay out a mat she says, “yoga”.  Multiple times a day she bends over into a down dog position and says “down”.  For me, Third Root has been and remains a vital part of my babies development as well as mine. Furthermore, I can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to get to know Laura.  Not only is she a yoga instructor but an educator.  It is fantastic to know that Laura has the whole child in mind when she creates her classes.”
– Rebecca Cannell 

“I just wanted to forward along a plug for a baby yoga class at Third Root that is phenomenal. The teacher, Laura is so in tune with the babies and Fenn absolutely adores the class. She’s also really knowledgeable about baby/child development, and makes great suggestions for playing with your baby and helping him/her learn new things. Fenn and I have been going every week since he was about 9 weeks old (except when we were out of town). Laura is very warm and welcoming and it’s never an issue if a baby is fussy or sleepy or not in the mood. The class is a space where you can do whatever you need for your baby (and may get to do a few things for yourself as well – though it is more baby focused which I love). I have done the series several times and loved going regularly and watching Fenn grow and change in the class (I think he responds well to the consistency each week as well and looks fwd to the class/lights up and laughs or smiles when I do stuff from class at home).”

– Bridget Kessler, Third Root Parent

“I have been bringing my daughter to Yoga with Wee Ones with Laura for the past year and a half and it’s been a wonderful experience for both of us! It’s been amazing to see her grow and develop over the course of the class. We started going before she could walk and now she enthusiastically does all the poses, sings the songs, proudly introduces herself to the class and looks forward to yoga each week. Laura is great with all the kids, showing respect for their unique needs and developmental stages, while creating a safe and fun space for them to learn yoga, explore their environment and connect with their caregivers and each other. Yoga with Wee Ones has become a treasured tradition for us and I look forward to coming back each week!”
– Julia Parshall, Third Root Parent
“Theo and I are headed to mommy and baby yoga at Third Root on [Marlborough] on Wednesdays at 12:45, if anybody wants to join us! It’s been the best motivation for getting out of the house for me for the last 3 months, since Theo was 12 weeks old. Laura, the yoga teacher, is absolutely magnificent and radiates joy! She so delights in our little ones. Another amazing thing about it has been having a little community of grown ups and babies to connect with in a low-key, nurturing environment. I love that we get to see our little ones become more mobile together and I really count on the support I get from the class. You can really just come as you are–even on days when Theo slept and cried most of the time, it still was soothing to be there – yoga is happening around me, so it still counts! Laura always makes sure you know that whatever you need to do is fine – sit, stand, rock, feed baby–she’ll even hold your little one while you go pee or stretch out.  It’s my favorite part of the week with Theo and it has come to be something that he and I love doing even when we are not at the yoga studio, We do our little yoga that we learned in class together at home pretty much every day and it always makes him laugh and giggle. The ‘Toes to the nose’ mantra is guaranteed to turn around crabbiness.”
– Jessica Tartanian, Third Root Parent