Sun 1/1 New Years Workshop: Love in Action with Elizabeth Gonzalez

12 – 2pm $20 – $45 Sliding Scale Pre-register

Bread & Yoga Studio

Each New Year offers an opportunity for renewal, self-improvement and transformation. As we navigate these challenging times, where there is separation and conflict in our nation, we tap into our human LONGING FOR ONENESS.

We are standing in the middle of the battlefield, just like Arjuna did in the Bhagavad Gita. We are being asked to listen to the depth of our own hearts and to stand in unconditional love, so that we can courageously rise to meet the demands of each moment. Our intention as we begin the NEW YEAR 2017 is to connect to the source of love within ourselves and to allow our actions to come from our own higher self. We are invited to unite all the parts that make up who we are on an individual as well as a collective level. Join Elizabeth as she leads us into a mindful and uplifting open level yoga and meditation practice. We will explore the theme of LOVE IN ACTION, opening ourselves to BEING IN SERVICE to the highest in all.


Mon 1/2 – Fri 1/6 Renew Your Yoga Practice in 2017 with Avi-Rose, Kate W. & Nicolette

7:00 – 8:05 AM Daily – $50 for all 5 Days! 

IMG_0729 (3)

A chance to rejuvenate ourselves and our intentions for the new year. Many people have requested more early morning yoga to make the practice more accessible to their schedules and habits. Classes would be taught in an inclusive, non-oppressive, student centered manner.


Monday Night Sangha: Meditation & Mindfulness Studies (formerly “Buddhist Studies”)

8:15 – 9:30 PM $20 Suggested Donation

This weekly class is organized thematically around Buddhist & Yogic philosophy & mythology. Each guided class offers techniques and wisdom for practice on and off the cushion. Community building is an important aspect of any “Sangha” (Pali & Sanskrit word for community). Group discussion is encouraged and largely generated by participants. Meditation practice are incorporated into every session.
This class is on-going, feel free to drop-in or stay for series (which change monthly). No prior knowledge is necessary. All are welcome.

Mondays January 2 – 30: Mythology in the Yoga Tradition with Carrie Ahern 


The practice of yoga springs out of a 5000-10,000 year old ever evolving tradition. Mythology has been a key but often overlooked part of this tradition. Asana (the yoga poses) are filled with mythic references —Shiva Nataraja, Hanumanasana, Vasisthasana to name a few. Who are Shiva, Hanuman and Vasistha? What is some history and context of our asana practice in modern life in the West? Ahern did not grow up with these cultural references here in the US. These questions led her into her scholarly pursuit of completing an advanced teacher training in yoga mythology with Greek, Latin and Sanskrit scholar Emily Stone and Sharon Rudy and continued studies with Douglas Brooks. Stemming out of an oral tradition, each myth has hundreds of versions without one singular author. Ahern welcomes alternate versions of these rich stories from participants in class.

Carrie Ahern has taught yoga, dance and pilates for over 16 years for ages 12-91. She has been a student of yoga for 23 years, beginning in the Iyengar tradition and continuing through the playful flow practice of Dana Trixie Flynn, founder of Laughing Lotus. Her yoga mythology teacher is Greek, Latin and Sanskrit scholar Emily Stone influenced by Sharon Rudy and Douglas Brooks. She also draws on her studies in Ancient Greek philosophy with Yunus Tuncel at The New School. She is a longtime meditator. Ahern makes and produces dances, leads workshops and performs for her non-profit dance company Present Pariah Inc. http://www.carrieahern.com/



Sat 1/7 Third Root Winter Open House & Day of Healing 2 – 6 PM, FREE!

All are welcome to attend our seasonal open house and receive services at no charge!
Showing Up for Ourselves and Each Other: Self-Defense for Hard Times with Geleni Fontaine
2:00 – 4:00 pm
Incidents of harassment and violence against our communities are rising, but as June Jordan says, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Join us for a practical exploration of a range of responses to harassement and escalating interpersonal violence against us, and others in shared space. Using discussion, partner exercises, and role play we’ll consider incidents and scenarios in the larger context of misogyny, racism, homophobia and transphobia, and ableism. We hold the tools to respond to hatred and oppression. Let’s share them.
Geleni Fontaine is a collective member, acupuncturist, and East Asian healer at Third Root. They have more than 15 years experience teaching self-defense through the Center for Anti- Violence Education. Visit CAE’s website for resources and information on self defense courses and programming for all ages: http://www.caeny.org
Yoga with Wee-Ones (ages 12 weeks – 4 years) with Greta Feit
4:15 – 5:00 pm
This class fosters a warm and welcoming community for all caregivers and children ages 12 weeks  – 4 years.  Little ones and grown-ups can connect with their bodies, each other, and their environment through a variety of developmentally appropriate asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing), singing, shared touch and movement, prop and toy exploration, games, imaginative play, and partnering.
Embed Your Resolve: Yoga Nidra with Emily J. Kramer
5:15 – 6:00 pm

This deep, guided relaxation is practiced lying down (or seated comfortably in a chair), and requires no physical movement. Participants simply listen and feel, and are given the opportunity to embed a sankalpa (resolve or vow) into their bodies, hearts and minds. Together, we’ll let our sub conscious rest, then awaken to our commitments for 2017!



Sat 1/14 2nd Saturday Community Acupuncture & Day of Healing with Geleni Fontaine

community acu chairs









Sat 1/21 Brown Sugar: Yoga for Folks of Color with Calia Marshall

2 – 4 PM $20 – $45 Sliding Scale – no one turned away for lack of funds Pre-Register

Brown Sugar Heading









Sat 1/28 Reflection & Purpose in the New Year with Jacoby Ballard

2 – 6 PM $40 – $100 Sliding Scale Pre-Registration Strongly Recommended


This is an opportunity to reflect on the last year, to forgive what was hurtful, to clear away what is no longer necessary to hold onto through asana, meditation, discussion, and personal reflection. This is also an opportunity to be intentional and purposeful about how you live into 2017, to do so with kindness, truthfulness, determination, and equanimity.



Sat 2/4 Yoga with Wee-Ones Saturday Workshop















Sat 2/4 Brown Sugar: Yoga for Folks of Color with Calia Marshall

4:30 – 6:30 PM $20 – $45 Sliding Scale – no one turned away for lack of funds Pre-Register

Brown Sugar Heading









Sat 2/11 2nd Saturday Community Acupuncture & Day of Healing with Geleni Fontaine

community acu chairs









CHANGE OF DATE! Sat 2/18 Inversions Lab: Refining the Practice of going Upside-Down A workshop on Adho Mukha Vrksasana, Salamba Sarvangasana & Salamba Sirsasana with Alicia Allison

4:30 – 6:30 PM Please note: space is limited to 13 participants $30 – $60 Sliding Scale


Inversion practice is at the heart of Hatha Yoga. Of shoulderstand, B.K.S. Iyengar said “Sarvangasana is one of the greatest boons conferred on humanity by our ancient sages.” Inversions are rejuvenating and invigorating; they strengthen our spine and heart, promote clarity of mind, balance our hormones and bring out the playful child in each of us. These are poses that require dedication, self-trust and a willingness to face our fears. Often in fast-paced yoga classes, we do not have enough time or space to dig into these challenging poses. In this hands-on workshop, Alicia Allison will present the benefits of regular practice of handstand, headstand and shoulderstand and will guide you through the precise and safe alignment of each pose. You will work with various props based on the principals of Iyengar Yoga.  Modifications and refinements will be provided for intermediate through advanced practitioners; restorative and L-shaped versions will also be presented so that all practitioners can learn how to modify each pose for their unique body.  All students will have space at a wall and a bolster for support in restorative work.

This is workshop is for students that are working at an Advanced Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Level. (You do not need to be able to stand on your head to attend this workshop, however we recommend you have a practice for at least 6 months prior to attending).

This class is contraindicated for those with hypertension, glaucoma, detachment of the retina, severe nearsightedness, cervical spondylitis and cervical spine herniations.  Inversions are contraindicated during menstruation. While some inversions are safe to practice when pregnant, this workshop is not ideal for prenatal students.



Sat 2/25 On the Road to Parenthood with Jeff Levin, LMSW

2:00 – 3:30 PM FREE


Are you on the road to parenthood with questions about how to get there? Whether you are thinking about alternative insemination, foster care, adoption, or surrogacy, this conversation will provide insight into the various paths to parenthood. Some of the topics covered will be: · Coming out as an intended parent? What reactions will you get? · What are some of the obstacles to starting your journey to parenthood? · Who will be your support system during this process, and what will you need from them? · What path to parenthood is right for me? Center Families staff will help you understand more about ways to build your family, and provide an opportunity to share your own thoughts as well as hear from others.

Jeff Levin, LMSW, is a Family Planning and Health Coordinator at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in Manhattan. Jeff received his master’s degree from Columbia University School of Social Work in 2012. His work currently focuses providing family building services for intended LGBT parents, including support groups, resources and referrals, free legal consultations, and relationship counseling and coaching for LGBT couples and individuals. Prior to getting his degree, he worked for fifteen years in the New York advertising business, first in media planning and then in training and development. As a master’s student, Jeff worked as a social work intern at the LGBT Community Center and at Jewish Home Lifecare. In 2012, he published a case study in Columbia’s Social Work Review called “No Sure Cure For Elder Self-Neglect.”

MARCH 2017

Sat 3/4 Yoga with Wee-Ones Saturday Workshop
















POSTPONED Holistic Healing in Flatbush: a Devised Theater Workshop with Nicolette Dixon

IMG_0729 (3)In this five week theater workshop series, participants share personal/community stories to create a piece of theater about traditional methods of healing in our respective histories, families, and communities. Participants will be people who live in, work in, or have some connection to the greater Flatbush area of Brooklyn. The intention of this workshop is to highlight the wisdom in the diverse traditional systems of healing that exist within this one neighborhood. Through storytelling and art making, we will uplift alternatives to the modern medical industrial complex and pay tribute to our own power of radical self and community care. The first two sessions will be generative, allowing participants a chance to make connections and build trust as they share ideas and create theatrical material. The third and fourth session will be rehearsal, refining the meaning and aesthetic of the material while practicing theatrical skills and celebrating the existing talent of the group. The final session is a community gathering and sharing with an invited audience. People with any and all levels of theatrical experience are welcomed.


Sat 3/14 2nd Saturday Community Acupuncture with Geleni Fontaine

community acu chairs










Sat 3/18 4th Trimester: A Workshop & Circle on Post-Partum Health with Alicia Allison

2:00 – 4:00 PM


Details forthcoming!


Sat 3/18 Yoga Ethics: Yamas & Niyamas of the Yoga Sutras with Emily J. Kramer

4:15 – 6:15 PM $20 – $45 Sliding Scale

Ground your physical practice with an exploration of yogic ethical precepts as laid out in the Yoga Sutras. In this summative workshop following 10 weeks of embodied practice, we’ll cover the first & second limb of Astanga yoga, the “eight-limbed” path, as told by ancient sage Sri Patañjali (we will also briefly review all limbs for contextual grounding). The Yamas & Niyamas form yoga’s foundational principles: the Yamas (social practices – non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, energetic moderation, non-grasping), and the Niyamas (personal observances – cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-study, devotion). Discussion will include a review of all 8 limbs for contextual grounding, as well as brief history of Sri Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras, and an overview of several commentaries on this text. This workshop encompasses self-inquiry & social justice; while it is study based, the session will include a brief asana practice & meditation.

No prior experience or knowledge is required.


APRIL 2017


MAY 2017


JUNE 2017





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