Mission, Vision & Values

At Third Root Community Health Center, social justice is at the core of healing. Among our goals are to challenge systematic health disparities, hierarchies within different modalities of healthcare, and to provide a different model of care that grows out of love. We work to provide holistic healthcare for everyone, in acknowledgement of the living realities and histories of the many communities that our clients and students come from. We are also a worker-owned cooperative that believes in work place democracy, you can read more about this here.


Third Root manifests a world where we all belong, we are all healing, and we are all welcome in our wholeness.


Third Root is a holistic healthcare center offering yoga, acupuncture, East Asian medicine, massage, herbal medicine, and wellness education. We are a multi-racial, cross-class, intergenerational community, and a worker-owned cooperative.


  • We welcome all people and are committed to undoing all forms of oppression.
  • We embrace and celebrate humanity’s diversity of size, race, ethnicity, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, dis/ability.
  • We center the needs of women and gender non-conforming individuals, people of color, immigrants & refugees, low income communities, people with disabilities, survivors of trauma, elders, all faith communities, LGBT people, and everyone with limited access to equitable health care.
  • We are accessible: We offer sliding scale fees, a staff trained in anti-oppression, work with consciousness to create accessible space for people with different disabilities, and cultivate a clinic that is building bridges within a community.
  • We are collaborative: Practitioners from various modalities work together toward each person’s optimum health. We work with local and national social justice organizations to build healthy communities from the outside in and the inside out.
  • We are empowering: We support patients and students in making informed choices about self-care. We are working toward realizing health justice for every being.
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