We intend for everyone to pay a similar percentage of their income for services - those who face greater economic hardship pay less, while those with more economic opportunities pay more.

We’re able to offer sliding scale rates because the higher ends subsidizes the lower ends. We ask that you enter into this with mutual trust, and consider your income and expenses carefully in order to maintain accessible pricing.

Please note, for your first appointment (private session or community acupuncture), there is a one time administrative fee of $10 in addition to your sliding scale fee.

You may you use our sliding scale worksheet as a tool to help you determine your fee for services.

All fees for our services are based on a sliding scale except for weekly group yoga classes (see rates below)

Yoga Class Rates

Class cards are non-transferable, and are not applicable for workshops unless otherwise stated. No refunds, extensions or exceptions, please honor our policy and refrain from asking for an exception.

Give the Gift of Healing! Gift Card Rates for Treatment

Please Note: Gift Cards are valid for 180 days from purchase. Gift Cards may be used towards private treatments at the fixed rates listed below; gift card dollars are not eligible for our sliding scale.   

If you are purchasing a gift certificate for someone who has never received treatment at Third Root, please use the "initial session" option, which includes the $10 intake fee

  • Massage or Private Acupuncture (60 minute session)  $100

  • Massage or Private Acupuncture (90 minute session)  $150

  • Acupuncture / Tui Na Combo (75 minute session)  $150

  • Private Yoga Session (60 minute session) $80

  • Herbal Consultation (Chinese or Western 30 minute session)  $32

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