community acupuncture

*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are not currently offering in-person Community Acupuncture*

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Two brown legs with ankles and heels of the feet visible, wearing grey pants rolled up the calves are resting on a gravity inversion chair with several acupuncture needles in the ankles. The background shows a blurry wooden floor.

Community Acupuncture allows for many people to receive individualized treatment simultaneously. It takes place in our community room, where patients lay in comfortable, zero-gravity reclining chairs and receive acupuncture in places on their bodies that require minimum disrobing (mostly on arms, legs, and sometimes their heads.) Practitioners can needle these distal point to affect change throughout the body. Treatment lasts at least 25 minutes, although space permitting you may stay up to an hour. Please let your practitioner know if you have a time constraint or preference in terms of how long you'd like to rest.

This treatment model allows for a lower sliding scale charge per patient because several people are treated at once. It's an affordable and supportive way to address health care needs, while getting the chance to relax and enjoy some quiet time.

The community experience is soothing and helps break the isolation many of us deal with when seeking care. Patients can be treated alongside friends, partners, and family members. Join us and heal in community.

$20 - $45 Sliding Scale, $10 intake for your first visit Read more about our fees here


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