Change Takes Root at Third Root!

With the coming of Spring, Third Root would like to announce changes to our Sliding Scale System which will be implemented as of March 21, 2017:

  1. SLIDING SCALE CHART We are adjusting our sliding scale for private services. This rate increase affects the top tiers of our sliding scale and leaves the bottom tier rates unchanged. This brings our median rate closer to the average of licensed New York City practitioners, while still allowing us to provide affordable holistic health in our neighborhood. Any private appointment scheduled after March 21st will be subject to the new rates. 
  1. SLIDING SCALE WORKSHEET Scale Worksheet is now required to determine fees for our services. While our sliding scale remains an honor system (we do not ask for “proof”), the worksheet is an important tool that we’re recommitting to. Since Third Root opened in 2008, we’ve had a worksheet available as an assessment tool to help community members reflect their most accurate financial circumstances. Not every household with the same income has the same expenses, and we believe in acknowledging these differences. In order for our sliding scale to be utilized fairly, we ask that all our community members use the same list of considerations of expenses and income. 

With the partial rate increase, our sliding scale reinforces the interdependence of our community members. Those who have more, pay more, in order to facilitate the healthcare of those who have less. It is an exchange built on trust and generosity, that allows us to find a more solvent balance between the needs of our community members and the needs of the Third Root staff and collective.

To read more about the changes, please click here for the full announcement text or visit FAQs page. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at

We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to continuing to build with you for many years to come!

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