Re-Opening Updates & COVID-19 Safety Protocol


Opening on 11/2/2020 for in-person Acupuncture and Massage Private Appointments


Dear Third Root Family,
Right on Time We're Back and Here for You!
Onsite services starting Monday, November 2nd!
*Virtual Telehealth, Yoga & Workshops are still ongoing
As the end of October moon starts to fill up and we move through all the chaos of election time we have something to celebrate with you. After lots of work our space will be ready to welcome you back to Massage and Private Acupuncture services on a limited schedule by appointment only. We plan to safely and gradually increase our schedule and services as pandemic restrictions allow, with masks and social distancing required, including eventually bringing Community Acupuncture and Herbal Consults back as well. Virtual appointments for tele-health services and online workshops and yoga classes will continue to be available as well. See all the details below and make an appointment to reunite with your local healing justice community center!
Celebrate community healing on Election Day - Join us outside Third Root on Election Day, Tuesday 11/3. Take a break for healing by receiving free NADA protocol ear acupressure treatments to promote balance and calm - just when we need it!
We're so excited to welcome you back!


Re-Opening Updates & COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Updates on COVID Safety Protocol at Third Root
Dear Third Root Community:
For months we've been preparing for a return to onsite services and are so glad the time has come. We're making big efforts to keep staff, patients, and community safe during the pandemic. 
Below we outline some of our procedures and actions being taken. They should help give you an idea of what to expect in an appointment. 
We know we're all navigating a lot of change these days, but we're doing the best we can to be present for you and supportive. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at
Thank you,
~ Third Root Collective and Staff


Third Root COVID Protocols, October 2020 

Space and Logistics

  • Establish and keep maximum occupancy - 50% of usual occupancy in space

  • Limitation on shared space - Minimize number of workers in the space at a time to 2 - 3. Can increase depending on developments.

  • Masks worn at all times (workers, patients, visitors) 

  • 6 foot distance whenever possible

  • Maximize air circulation with windows and fans when possible

  • Hampers with lids in treatment rooms


General Cleaning and Sanitation

  • PPE for Practitioners - Face masks, face shields, gloves in some cases
  • HEPA Filter systems - one in each treatment space and lobby

  • Sanitation stations - at least 2, each with signage and supplied with hand sanitizer

  • Daily clean up and sanitation protocols for practitioners and admin staff

  • Bi-weekly clean up and sanitation protocols

  • Daily cleaning and sanitation logs (one for Admin and one for practitioners in each treatment space each day)

  • Enhanced disinfection and sanitation protocols for practitioners


Admin / Reception Procedures

  • Virtual pre-screening of patients, check in, payment, check out

  • Remote intake and check out

  • Greeting, temp check, and bringing patient directly to treatment room by practitioner
  • Lengthened break times between patients for turnover, as well as at the end of the day, to allow time for cleaning

  • No practitioner overlap, one at at a time to start

  • Patients escorted out by practitioner at end of treatment

  • COVID and antibody testing for all staff minimum of once a month


Photo by Stephen Lovekin, (L to R) Shri Diehl (she / her), Kiki Williams (she / they), Francisco (he / him), Calia Marshall (she / her), Emily J. Kramer (she / her), surrounded by mutual aid provisions for GLITS, prepared with love by Rootlets, Third Root's herbal volunteers.

A Note on Re-Opening 5/17/2020


While many across the city, state, and country are planning to reopen storefronts within a few short weeks, Third Root will remain closed for in-person services for the foreseeable future. In the coming weeks, we will be assessing a plan to reopen, but at this time are not naming a specific timeline. The nature of our in-person work requires careful attention and sensitivity in terms of disease prevention. We will be taking a measured approach to reopening, creating and following protocols that allow for social distancing & rigorous sanitation. Until such time, our accessible online classes and workshops provide a tremendous support for the community - locally, nationally & globally!

Our Online Classroom programs are fostering a sense of belonging during a time of deep estrangement and grief, providing an outlet for physical, emotional & energetic release of all that we're holding individually & collectively, sharing vital tools to connect to our roots, increasing immune function & addressing the aches and pains that can accompany limited or habitual movement patterns, and more! Look out for upcoming offerings such as support groups, both for the general public and for BIPOC community, & town hall gatherings in the coming weeks.

Take good care and stay safe,

Third Root Staff & Collective


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