Photo by Stephen Lovekin, (L to R) Shri Diehl (she / her), Kiki Williams (she / they), Francisco (he / him), Calia Marshall (she / her), Emily J. Kramer (she / her), surrounded by mutual aid provisions for GLITS, prepared with love by Rootlets, Third Root's herbal volunteers.

Launching Telehealth and Re-Opening Updates 8/18/2020


Miss us? We miss you! Services are coming back!

We're very happy to announce that starting in September we're launching virtual one-on-one services with Third Root healing practitioners including acupuncture, herbal consultations, and massage therapy. We’ll keep you posted about the future return of onsite services as well.  Stay tuned for start dates and schedules.

The bounty is real, and it's for all of us!

Dear Friends,

As we move through these extraordinary days, responding to pandemic and deep-seated institutional violence, we're challenged to keep addressing our own healing. We know healing isn't a destination to reach but a pathway we travel on, inviting us to consider:

  • What's the weather like today on that late summer journey?

  • What healing plants grow alongside the path?

  • Are there places to stop, rest, and take in our environments, or do we find ourselves with no spot to pause and rest?

This time may feel rough and impassable with no way to know what lies ahead, or we may feel that we are alone on this journey. We've spent almost two seasons keeping physically distant from each other during the pandemic. It's been difficult, and continues to be for many of us, but even this distance can give us a rich perspective - a kind of harvest.

In many cultures, late summer is the season of the earth element and is associated with the first harvest of the year--a bounty of nourishment, the taste of sweetness, and the sound of singing. It can seem like a strange time to celebrate when we're so conscious of lack - of acknowledgement and reparations of/for genocide, violence, and harm; lack of housing and resources; and lack of justice and equity in general. However, we're also invited by the season to recognize the bounty that is to be found in mutual aid networks, skill-sharing, organizing - all being grown in response to the multiple crises we've been facing. This is a cornucopia of our intersectional making and gathering. A new world is being made by and for us all, and it's one footstep / chair roll ahead on the path. It's a healing place.

This season Third Root offers many opportunities to recognize your riches, nourish your wholeness, and resource your healing.

Our Bounty

We're very grateful to those who've contributed to the Solidarity and Access Fund which allows those most impacted by the pandemic and institutional violence to access our programs and services. We’ve raised over $20,000, which has allowed us to provide free classes and programs to Black-identified community members as well increasing access through providing ASL and Spanish language interpretation, while paying our staff a fair wage. We offer up deep thanks to the fundraising team and all of you that made this possible! We'll continue raising funds to create and deepen access at Third Root. You can contribute and spread the word about our fundraiser.

We're also grateful for the ongoing work and support of the Third Root Collective, our Pragmatic Interim Working Group, and the Third Root Advisory Council.

The genius and love of community is powerful!


Because we know that healing happens in community we're proud to share resources and practices with our new collaborators at MINKA. Offering healing classes, workshops, and services, MINKA is a local community-led center for wellness and harmonious living. We're basing our relationship on a common purpose rooted in the needs of our communities and the interconnection of grassroots solidarity economy. In a previous newsletter, we shared that we are featuring each other's practitioners / teachers on our mutual schedules. We're proud to welcome MINKA member Sunder Ashni to Third Root's online portal to teach, "Resource-in: Weekly Somatics Practice".

In solidarity and healing justice,

The Third Root Collective & Staff


A Note on Re-Opening 5/17/2020


While many across the city, state, and country are planning to reopen storefronts within a few short weeks, Third Root will remain closed for in-person services for the foreseeable future. In the coming weeks, we will be assessing a plan to reopen, but at this time are not naming a specific timeline. The nature of our in-person work requires careful attention and sensitivity in terms of disease prevention. We will be taking a measured approach to reopening, creating and following protocols that allow for social distancing & rigorous sanitation. Until such time, our accessible online classes and workshops provide a tremendous support for the community - locally, nationally & globally!

Our Online Classroom programs are fostering a sense of belonging during a time of deep estrangement and grief, providing an outlet for physical, emotional & energetic release of all that we're holding individually & collectively, sharing vital tools to connect to our roots, increasing immune function & addressing the aches and pains that can accompany limited or habitual movement patterns, and more! Look out for upcoming offerings such as support groups, both for the general public and for BIPOC community, & town hall gatherings in the coming weeks.

Take good care and stay safe,

Third Root Staff & Collective


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