At Third Root, we must balance our commitment to accessible holistic health care with our long-term sustainability

Unlike many health service providers, we are not a non-profit – we can’t rely on grants to subsidize our low- and no-cost services.  

Unlike many yoga/bodywork studios, we are not merely a for-profit business – we cannot rely solely on revenue to pay our employees.

Our Justice Pricing (sliding scale) model is the primary way we balance accessibility and sustainability – those who can, pay more, so that those who can’t, pay less.  

But with an abundance of donation-based, NOTA (no one turned away for lack of funds), accessibility accommodations (e.g., ASL interpretation), and even free programming, this doesn’t cover everything.

So, we also rely on the tremendous generosity of our community members: as long-term sustaining donors, and periodically through short-term fundraisers. See below for details on how to make a contribution!

Make a Contribution!

Make a Longterm Sustaining Donation!

Becoming a sustaining donor, at any level, brings you into ongoing partnership with Third Root. Sustainers strengthen our foundation, allowing us to confidently offer ongoing accessible care to the community and continue to pay our practitioners and staff a living wage. 

*Simply check the box for make this a monthly donation when you donate*

$10 / mo (over 12 months) covers 2 subsidized private yoga sessions 

$18 / mo covers the cost of 1 yoga class for someone accessing our accessible programming (by-donation, NOTA, free classes for specific communities)

$25 / mo covers the cost of 1 subsidized community acupuncture session

$60 / mo (over 12 months) covers insurance for one acupuncturist (required in New York)

$75 / mo (over 12 months) covers 1 scholarship to our herbal education program courses

$100 / mo (over 12 months) covers ¼ of the cost of our appointment booking software

$250 / mo covers income for 1 yoga teacher teaching 1 class per wk

Contribute to our current campaign: Solidarity & Access Fundraiser

Third Root Community Health Center is currently pooling money to raise $20,000 by August 1st for solidarity and accessibility to sustain our virtual classes, workshops and courses. Your contribution of any amount will go a long way toward supporting those most acutely impacted within the dual pandemic of COVID and systemic anti-Black racism. Click here to find out how we are offering solidarity & accessibility in and beyond our classrooms.

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