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Beyond Resolutions: The Medicine of Winter Mini Series

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This event finished on 30 January 2019

The New Year marks the passage of time, bringing space to reflect on what worked and what didn’t the previous year. It’s also a time when the messaging from a culture that says we always need to be better, and that if we’re not doing better we aren’t doing enough, is loudest. The New Year—like every other day that the sun rises—brings opportunity for change and growth. How do we access this without blaming ourselves for not feeling good in a fucked-up world? Let’s be real about the grief and tiredness that we carry from season to season because of all we’re holding.

Barriers to change do not move neatly, like linear time. We can’t escape the previous year in our efforts to start anewwhat we can do is acknowledge our patterns with honesty and compassion.

During this 4-week course we will explore plant-based strategies to address what hinders our best intentions to treat the body and spirit well in the New Year.

Attendees will make and take home a different herbal medicine each week!

The course will run Wednesday evenings in January from 6:30pm to 8:30pm beginning 1/9, until Wednesday, 1/30. Discount for signing up for all four classes.

January 9: Anxiety In week 1 will look at herbs that bring us into our bodies, into the moment and that help to rebuild a frayed nervous system. This week we’ll make a tea blend for peace of mind.

January 16: Sleep In week 2 we will delve into Circadian rhythms, herbs that quiet the mind, sleep hygiene and sedative herbs. This week we will make a sleep tincture.

January 23: Heartache and boundaries During week 3 we will discuss herbal and energetic medicines that help us live with the wounds we carry and develop the strength and boundaries that open-heartedness require. We will make a heart-holding syrup.

January 30: Food and digestion In our final week we will explore herbs and healing foods that strengthen digestion, the foundation that enables physical and emotional well-being to flourish. We will make digestive bitters and a vegetable ferment

Drop-ins available at $25 – $70 per session

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Jess Turner is a Black herbalist, urban farmer and educator who was raised in a working-class family in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay watershed, where her love of the plant world began. Her herbal practice is centered on helping marginalized communities build resilience through land-based healing practices. She has farmed and studied plants in Hawai’i, Saint Croix, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and the Hudson Valley.



Laura Marie Ruocco is a Brooklyn based herbalist.  She believes that helping to reconnect people with plant medicine is an integral to the work of healing ourselves and healing the earth.  She has studied herbal medicine in NYC since 2010, and more recently learned from the plants in the forests, open fields, and wetlands of upstate New York. More info at  www.lauramarie.org




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