Community Potluck & Medicine Making Show

Event Details

Tonight, students from our recent 9-week Build Your Home Apothecary course will be showing off, sampling out,  & sharing about what they learned. Be sure to bring your wallet to scoop up some of the herbal goodies for your own home or gift giving! For Sale Tonight:

Cough, Cough, RELIEF! Syrup
Kid’s Calming Combo Glycerin
Pain-B-Gone Balm
Smooth Like Body Butter
Tangy Mineral Tonic
Fire Cider!
Love in the Time of Crisis Cordial

Elderberry Syrup
Sleep Satchels
Scentsory Support Sticks
Lifted & Loved Tincture 
Digestive Bitters
Nutritive & Calm the F Down Teas
Mental Health Support Zines!
SweetTart Shurb

Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish to share featuring herbal ingredients! Some ideas include: pesto, herb infused condiments or shakes,  chocolates, baked goods, jams, ferments…There is no wrong way to play 🙂
Here is one site with excellent resources for your herbal learning & some fun recipes to consider:
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