New Moon Renewal with Nicolette Dixon

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The new moon is a time for drawing inward to bask in our quiet darkness. From this place of intuition we can plant seeds. We look forward to the next growing cycle. The moon teaches us the constancy of cycles. By aligning ourselves with its changes, we are reminded of our own power for renewal.

In this workshop, we’ll learn the astrological significance of each new moon based on its position that month. We’ll craft achievable intentions for the lunar cycle. We’ll deepen our mind-body connection through breath, movement, and self guided movement. Reflecting on celestial action invites you to root yourself as a participant in the natural world while engaging in community. Please bring paper, pens, and an object that helps ground you in your vision.


About the Facilitator

Nicolette Dixon began her relationship with TR almost 3 years ago by taking a New Year’s Eve yoga class. She has received her 200 hour teaching certificate from Kripalu School of Yoga and is also a theater maker, educator, and an advocate for LGBTQ issues and sex worker’s rights. She loves to ride her bike under foliage and open skies during all seasons; dance with abandon; strive for true dialogue in diverse communities; and cook up delicious meals at home with loved ones. She’s interested in always learning more about herself, others, and how to create more beauty, healing justice, and compassion in the world.


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