Roots-n-Seeds Presents: A Medicine Making Show & Community Potluck

Event Details


Just in time for the holidays, students from our recent 8-week Roots-n-Seeds course will be showing off, sampling out, & sharing about what they learned. Be sure to bring your wallet to scoop up some of the herbal goodies for your own home or gift giving!

Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish to share featuring herbal ingredients! Some ideas include: pesto, herb infused condiments or shakes,  chocolates, baked goods, jams, ferments…There is no wrong way to play 🙂

Examples of products that may be available:

Cough, Cough, RELIEF! Syrup
Kid’s Calming Combo Glycerin
Pain-B-Gone Balm
Smooth Like Body Butter
Tangy Mineral Tonic
Fire Cider!
Love in the Time of Crisis Cordial

Elderberry Syrup
Sleep Satchels
Scentsory Support Sticks
Lifted & Loved Tincture 
Digestive Bitters
Nutritive & Calm the F Down Teas
Mental Health Support Zines!
SweetTart Shurb

Here is one site with excellent resources for your herbal learning & some fun recipes to consider:

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