Yoga with Wee-Ones – Infants with Maisah Hargett

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$18 or 1 class from Class Card, siblings are 1/2 off! No additional charge for multiple caregivers. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Yoga with Wee-Ones Infants class is for babies who are 6 weeks through pushing back on the belly. Class focuses on developing babies’ ability to regulate their new and sensitive nervous system, introducing sensory stimulation of all kinds in a supportive way. Special attention is paid to tummy time and helping babies develop the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship of limbs to spine for future postural support and cognitive development. All activities emphasize the baby-caregiver bond.

Third Root’s Yoga with Wee Ones program foster a warm and welcoming community for all caregivers and children ages 6-wks  – 4 years, helping little ones and grown-ups connect with their bodies, each other, and the physical world. Through imaginative play, singing, movement games, prop and toy exploration, and partnering, students engage in a developmentally-appropriate yoga and pranayama (breathwork) practice. Caregivers also have the opportunity to make connections with each other that can carry over outside the classroom.

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