We all belong. We are all healing. We are all welcome here in our wholeness.

Events at Third Root Community Health Center

3 Weeks of Guided Meditation Instruction Together we will be practicing Buddhist mindfulness and compassion meditations that help us work with challenging emotions such as sadness, anxiety, and anger. Begin to refine your ability to recognize feelings as they arise and discover just what they are trying to tell you. Each class will feature a […]

  Harvesting and growing your own plant medicine is both empowering and fun. It’s also totally doable, even in our crowded city. On Saturday, April 27th join herbalist and grower Jess Turner for tips on how to start the medicinal container garden of your dreams. No growing space is too small! During the workshop you’ll […]

Exhale to Inhale (ETI) is a non-profit organization that uses the healing practice of trauma- informed yoga to empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The ETI approach is based in choice-making, safety, and simplicity. Beginning on Sunday, April 7 through May 26, Third Root will be hosting weekly ETI trauma-informed yoga classes. These […]

Meditation for Queer and Trans People of Color is a group meditation on Sunday nights in Brooklyn led by and for queer and trans people of color. Our time together will be spent in 5-10 minute meditations, sharing readings by rotating queer and trans authors of color, and sharing our reflections, struggles, and strategies for both […]

Join us on a six-week journey through breath, sound, song and a deeply woven connection to our plant allies working together to encourage the removal of blocks and the shedding of emotional, spiritual and physical binds. Pre-requisite: No previous experience is required and this practice is open to all who honor, respect and share reverence for […]

“Play Is The Work of the Child” -Maria Montessori “Simon Says” Hide n’ Seek, Hopscotch, Mother May I?…. This list may sound like it’s all fun and games, but play helps kids learn a whole host of skills: body & spatial awareness, how to get along with others, and how to problem-solve are just the […]

Our time together would provide a nurturing environment to explore the introduction to yoga poses, breath work and relaxation through play, games, partner/ teamwork, music and storytelling. We would also explore how to apply our yoga practice into our daily life. $18 drop-in, class from your card Pre-Register Register for all 5 for $75, No […]

Pre-Register The new moon is a time for drawing inward to bask in our quiet darkness. From this place of intuition we can plant seeds. We look forward to the next growing cycle. The moon teaches us the constancy of cycles. By aligning ourselves with its changes, we are reminded of our own power for […]

  Yoga with Wee-Ones Infants class is for babies who are 6 weeks through pushing back on the belly. Class focuses on developing babies’ ability to regulate their new and sensitive nervous system, introducing sensory stimulation of all kinds in a supportive way. Special attention is paid to tummy time and helping babies develop the […]

$18 or 1 class from Class Card, siblings are 1/2 off! No additional charge for multiple caregivers.  Pre-Register, no one turned away for lack of funds Family yoga is a great way to grow as a family and as a community. Through this class, I hope that children will create wellness memories that they will […]

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