Lezlie Frye

Lezlie Frye PhotoLezlie Frye is a yoga teacher, scholar, political educator, poet and performance artist. She is committed to slowing down, making room, and holding space for the diverse community of practitioners at Third Root. Lezlie was trained in the lineage of Swami Kripalu, whose heart-felt practice inspired the “yoga of compassion.” Kripalu yoga emphasizes the wisdom of each person’s inner teacher, the cultivation of non-judgmental witness consciousness, and the impact of yoga as a tool for transformation. Lezlie’s classes integrate conscious breathing with a balance between gentle and vigorous postures, movement and stillness. They are often structured by themes based on seasonal changes, precepts from secular Buddhist studies, or a wide range of personal inquiries. Lezlie’s teaching also emphasizes the use of modifications and props to craft a safe, dynamic practice space. She seeks to offer inviting, accessible instruction to people of all bodies, capacities, and experience and commits to ongoing learning in this area. Working from an awareness of how yoga circulates unevenly in the US, often in ways that contrast starkly from its origins and current practice in India, Lezlie seeks to tread softly and humbly in practicing these sacred traditions.

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