RW Alves

rw headshot 1RW Alves is a yoga therapist and teacher trainer whose teachings promote self-inquiry, exploration, body-positivity, unconditional self-acceptance, and a sense of joy in movement and in our bodies. She is trained in Integrated Movement Therapy, Thai yoga, yin yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga, and Somatic Experiencing. As a self-identified fat queer person, RW creates spaces for movement, embodiment, and exploration that strip away and break down self-judgment, body-judgment, and strictly limited concepts of what an acceptable body looks like or can do, and imbues yoga teachers with the skills and capacities to create and hold those spaces. She is committed to teaching yoga in ways that honor and acknowledge the complexity and diversity of human experience, and to training teachers to make the healing and transformative power of yoga more accessible and welcoming for a broader range of people and bodies. She works at the intersection of social justice and healing work by developing curriculum, mentoring yoga teachers and yoga therapists, and teaching about inclusive languaging and teaching, accessible asana, social justice, diversity, privilege, and yoga through The Samarya Center’s Yoga Teacher Training and Integrated Movement Therapy trainings in Seattle and beyond. Check out her schedule and learn more about her work at

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