herbal & nutritional consultations

Herbal and nutritional consultations are available to address any kind of acute or chronic ailment that you may be facing. We offer individual consultations where staff herbalists will learn about your health and health history and suggest and/or provide herbal blends specifically designed for you, your body, and your health condition. Our herbalists are trained to be familiar with any herb/drug interactions, so be sure to let us know if you are on medications.

Herbal Medicine and Nutrition consultations can address:

  • allergies
  • asthma and respiratory conditions
  • anxiety, depression, and stress
  • cardiovascular ailments and heart conditions
  • colds and flus
  • diabetes
  • digestive problems
  • healing from burns, surgeries, and accidents
  • and much more!

The first appointment takes about 45 minutes, so that we can assess your health
and health history to the fullest of our abilities.

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