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Writing in the Weeds 6-Week Workshop

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What lessons do 'weeds' have to offer for healing our personal narratives, creative capacities, and social movements? This class series will engage with plant medicine as a process for recovering the fullness of our personal and collective stories, memories, and identities. Each week we’ll commune with one or more plant allies that have been considered weeds. Supported by visionary texts, plant meditations, and our lived experiences, we’ll engage in practices of embodied writing, to explore the wisdom and strategies that plant allies can share in supporting our creative emancipation. By building relationships with plants that are grounded in deep listening principles, we are able to access stories of ancestral resilience and resourcefulness to challenge dominant ideologies and envision possibilities for a loving, regenerative, transformative world. 


Facilitated by sára abdullah of earth seed holistic

sára abdullah (she / her / they / them) is an indigenous SWANA/Pinay non-binary femme Muslima descended from nomadic dreamweavers, kitchen witches, tricksters, and storytellers. She honors those who came before and sára is an indigenous SWANA/Pinxy non-binary femme Muslima dyke descended from nomadic dreamweavers, kitchen witches, tricksters, and storytellers. She honors those who came before and those who gather with her in circle through a life's work in plant medicine, healing, pleasure activism, magic, writing, and nurturing the creative spirit in herself and others. As a poet, storyteller, cultural organizer, and healing artist, she is committed to radical softness, (re)membering embodied knowledge, uplifting the erotic, and building collective liberation.
She is the vision holder of earth seed holistic, a healing practice and consultancy that provides botanical offerings, herbal consultations, creativity support, energy work, full-spectrum doula companionship, and knowledge shares centered in plant medicine, cosmic wisdom, and nurturing the creative spirit. earthseedholistic.com instagram.com/earthseedholistic

Plant Magic Jan 2020 is fully enrolled. Stay tuned for details on the next round!

Note: this program will be held live online

One of our eldest ancestors is our beloved earth. This earth body that goes by many names is known in traditional African and Indigenous societies as the bridge to our guides, ascended loved ones and the many spirits of the nature kingdom.  

Resonance: Breath, Plant, Spirit, Sound , is a six week journey into the rich and intimate landscape of the deep and clear song that resonates from the earth and within. By offering reverence through the study of plants, the technology of sound and song, the breath, and sacred movement one can access a world of communication to those who desire to with us heal, transform and and create new possibilities for ourselves, loved ones and our beloved earth. 

This is an offering in song, sound, breath and the the study of plants across the wisdom traditions and practices of the African and Indigenous Diaspora. This shared and courageous learning environment is intended to offer a safe(R) and brave space where the lives and experiences of people of color are centered and white comrades are welcome to support and co-steward the shared intentions and vision for this space together. 

Over the course of 6 weeks we will together learn: 

  • The physical and metaphysical healing effects of sound and vibration on the body. 
  • Plant and herbal medicine making supporting full body balancing, clearing and realignment 
  • Breath techniques to support the release of stifling energy and to unblock energetic channels in the body. 
  • Song repertoire adapted and arranged from traditional and ceremonial music of the sonic healing traditions in the Caribbean,across the Americas, West, East and South Africa, as well as Black American folk traditions. 

Each 2 hour session will include a group healing practice, a lesson on topic or related theme (i.e.breathwork, plant and herbal medicine, effects of sonic frequencies), sound ceremony or cypher learning new repertoire and to offer space to apply what we have learned, along with a closing guided meditation. Practice homework between sessions is given along with listening and reading materials as needed.

Pre-requisite: No previous experience is required and this practice is open to all who honor, respect and share reverence for the gifts of the ancestral wisdom offered during the series. The songs taught will be songs that have been shared with me or are adaptations offered to me with permission that support keeping the original wisdom/medicine in tact.

** This is a BIPOC centered space, encouraging white allies to attend, support and share in the journey, honoring the value and necessity of this collective re-centering practice. This is an offering supporting the building of community with clear intentions, integrity and visions for a liberated and whole future of all people rooted deep within the wisdom traditions of our elders. This is the medicine passed on to me to heal from, cultivate and grow, and to share with others. This is a child Loving/Friendly space!

B. Anderson, (they/them), is somatic music therapy practitioner, plant medicine steward/herbalist, mediation teacher, mediator, ritual leader and community organizer. B. calls up the traditions, legacies and medicine of their southern Black American, Jamaican Maroon and Choctaw ancestry as their healing arts praxis. Their background in sound healing began in their undergraduate studies at The New England Conservatory as a classical musician, exploring with traditional and African American folk songs, improvisation and various music styles from across the world. Their relationship to plant and herbal medicine was initiated informally through the shared practices of her grandmothers and relatives as a teenager. Their traditions live on through B. B. has continued their study as an apprentice of Spiritual Plant Medicine with Karen Rose at the Sacred Vibes Apothecary and through their practice and certification in Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Naina Marballi. B. Anderson is the founder and steward of Song of the Spirit, a community based institute in service of keeping alive the wisdom traditions of the African and Indigenous diaspora.

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Next 8-week course begins February 19, 2020!


Roots -n- Seeds:

Foundations in Herbalism &

Medicine Making


Our 8-week hybrid in-person/online course is a dynamic, hands-on & empowering space that supports herbal learners in how we learn to relate to plants, healing, caring for ourselves & the earth in ways that center justice, sustainability, and relationship. You will learn what tradition & science can tell us about selected herbal allies, and more importantly, how to use your senses and trust your experience to learn from the plants themselves! The class offers fundamental teachings on energetics, medicine making, synergy, herbal safety, and how to find reliable herbal information online. You will build your own home apothecary that includes vitality balls, herbal tooth powders, honeys, syrups, bath salts, fire cider, alcohol & glycerin tinctures, salves, lotion, liniments, shrubs & cordials!

Course participants are welcome to join our very own in-house herbal geek squad: The Rootlets, for ongoing education, volunteering in our apothecary, solidarity medicine making for communities in need, and delicious herbal community!

Check out our schedule below & please complete an application

Participants will be notified of participation by January 25, 2020.

Materials Fee of $125 must be paid by February 1, 2020 or seats will be offered to other applicants (you will be supplied a link to pay materials fee when notified that you've been accepted).

Course Overview:

The in person portion of this course takes place at Third Root on Wednesdays from 6:30-9pm. The online portion of the course opens the week before on 2/11 and can be accessed on your own time. Initial discussion replies are due each Sunday and Responses to 2 peers are due by Tuesday of each week. 

  • Wk 1: The Seeds of Herbal Learning: Orientation, Ethics, & Making Herbal Teas

  • Wk 2: Understanding Energetics & Making Folk Medicine with Herbal Vinegars

  • Wk 3: The Science & Intuition of Flavors & Making Herbal Infused Oils

  • Wk 4: Herbal Safety & Making Soaks, Compresses, & Liniments

  • Wk 5: Making Friends with Math & Making Tinctures/Cordials

  • Wk 6: Understanding Synergy & Making Medicated Syrups/Herbal Honeys

  • Wk 7: Laying Grounds for Formulation & Making Salves & Lotions

  • Wk 8: Formulation Pt 2 & Ongoing Learning & Making Medicine with Herbal Powders

Read more about the Justice Pricing for this course

Two full scholarships are available, and two partial scholarships are available. An additional materials fee of $125 is due as the deposit. This fee is non-refundable

Justice Pricing offerings are a form of a sliding scale that attempt to create sustainability & access simultaneously. The high end represents the true cost/value of the offering, while the lower end represents a commitment to creating space for those who wouldn't be able to attend at the full cost. Upon acceptance, participants will be given a Choosing Your Rate form that is both intended to support the process of determining your rate and communicates your chosen rate and any payment plan requests.

Our course may conclude with a Medicine Making Show- the exact date remains TBD!

Once we know if we can have a medicine making show this round, you can tell friends and family to save the date to come and sample your creations & be able to purchase some of what Avi-Rose will make along side you all! All proceeds of these products go to supporting the sustainability of Third Root,  future scholarships for herbal ed students, to the Mannahatta Fund as reparations for past and ongoing harms to Indigenous North Americans, and to our Free Clinic Fund.

The Materials Fee Covers:

  • The various sized Jars, Bottles, Tins, and labels that will be utilized for your makings both in class and at home each week.
  • Beeswax, alcohol, apple cider vinegar, glycerin, and other medicine making menstruum/mixing materials
  • Herbs to be provided for both in class and at home medicine making in between each week
  • Course Binders filled with templates, Readings on core topics, Medicine Making Guides & Plant Monographs
  • A minor amount of material fee's goes to covering the Credit Card Fee's we incur for material fee purchase and any course payments (It's a big expense!)
  • Participants will have to supply and source several additional materials used, from common kitchen items to added fruits, spices, and an optional bottle of wine or brandy

Developed & Taught By

Avi-Rose, (they/them), MS Therapeutic Herbalism, is a jewish and queer community-based clinician, educator, medicine maker & Third Root Herbal Department leader. Their roots & realities include a tangle of working-class lessons, artistic lineage, disability, inter-generational trauma, white-skin privilege, and immeasurable resilience and laughter. Rising from and growing within these contexts, Avi-Rose dedicates their movements in the world to cultivating practices of justice, awareness, and joy!

The seeds of respect for learning about & from plant allies were first planted here at Third Root back in 2009: Countless seasons, teachers, classroom & land-based lessons later, Avi-Rose has woven a vitalist herbal approach with yoga, food-based healing, meditation, and an anti-oppression framework to support individual & collective healing- offering short term general health & wellness consultations and specializing in integrative approaches to mental health.  Above all, they value co-creating accessible & generative space to support others in accessing their own insights & relationships to their bodies, the earth, and what is possible.


With Guest Teacher

sára abdullah is an indigenous SWANA/Pinay non-binary femme Muslima descended from nomadic dreamweavers, kitchen witches, tricksters, and storytellers. She honors those who came before and those who gather with her in circle through a life's work in plant medicine, healing, pleasure activism, magic, writing, and nurturing the creative spirit in herself and others. As a poet, storyteller, cultural organizer, and healing artist, she is committed to uplifting radical tenderness, (re)membering embodied knowledge, and building collective liberation. She is the creator of earth seed holistic, a healing practice and consultancy that provides botanical offerings, herbal consultations, creativity coaching, energy work, full-spectrum doula companionship, and workshops centered in plant medicine and nurturing the creative spirit.


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