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Herbal Education Series & Courses

Roots -n- Seeds: Foundations in Herbalism & Medicine Making 8-week course

Join us this winter as we use our social justice lenses, open hearts, & inquiring minds to dive into foundational herbalism & medicine making!

Our 8-week hybrid in-person/online course is a dynamic, hands-on & empowering space that supports herbal learners in how we learn to relate to plants, healing, caring for ourselves & the earth in ways that center justice, sustainability, and relationship. You will learn what tradition & science can tell us about selected herbal allies, and more importantly, how to use your senses and trust your experience to learn from the plants themselves! The class offers fundamental teachings on energetics, medicine making, synergy, herbal safety, and how to find reliable herbal information online. You will build your own home apothecary that includes vitality balls, herbal tooth powders, honeys, syrups, bath salts, fire cider, alcohol & glycerin tinctures, salves, lotion, liniments, shrubs & cordials!

Course participants are welcome to join our very own in-house herbal geek squad: The Rootlets, for ongoing education, volunteering in our apothecary, solidarity medicine making for communities in need, and delicious herbal community!

Check out our schedule & Please Complete an Application by January 21st, 2019.

Participants will be notified by January 20th and the Materials Fee’s must be paid by January 27th or seats will be offered to other applicants.

  • 2/13 The Seeds of Herbal Learning: Orientation & Making Herbal Teas

  • 2/20 Understanding Energetics & Making Folk Medicine with Herbal Vinegars

  • 2/27 The Science & Intuition of Flavors & Making Herbal Infused Oils

  • 3/6  Herbal Safety & Making Soaks, Compresses, & Liniments

  • 3/13 Making Friends with Math & Making Tinctures/Cordials

  • 3/20 Understanding Synergy & Making Medicated Syrups/Herbal Honeys

  • 3/27 Going Deeper with Ethics in Herbalism & Making Salves & Lotions

  • 4/3 Rooted & Rising: Support for Ongoing Learning & Making Medicine with Herbal Powders

Cost $250-$600 Sliding Scale

Two full scholarships are available, and two partial scholarships are available.

An additional materials fee of $100 is due as the deposit Jan 27, 2019. This fee is non-refundable

Sliding-Scale offerings are a form a justice pricing that attempt to create sustainability & access simultaneously. The high end represents the true cost/value of the offering, while the lower end represents a commitment to creating space for those who wouldn't be able to attend at the full cost. To determine your rate please click here  (Note: this sliding scale model differs from Third Root's general sliding scale chart).

Our Course will conclude with a Medicine Making Show!

Tell friends and family to save the date to come and sample your creations & be able to purchase some of what Avi-Rose will make along side you all! All proceeds go to supporting the growth of the apothecary & future scholarships for herbal ed students!

Materials Fee includes:

  • $30 Covers all the various sized Jars, Bottles, and Tins that will be utilized for your makings both in class and at home each week.
  • $30 Covers beeswax, alcohol, apple cider vinegar, glycerine, and other medicine making menstruum/mixing materials
  • $25 Covers 30+ herbs to be provided for both in class and at home medicine making in between each week!
  • $15 Covers Labels & Medicine Making Journals & Plant Monographs provided to all participants
  • Participants will have to supply and source several additional materials used, from common kitchen items to added fruits, spices, and an optional bottle of wine or brandy 🙂

Developed & Taught By

Avi-Rose, MS, E-RYT 200, is a jewish and queer community-based clinician, educator, medicine maker & researcher, and project coordinator. Their roots & realities include a tangle of working-class lessons, artistic lineage, inter-generational trauma, white-skin privilege, and immeasurable resilience and laughter. Rising from and growing within these contexts, Avi-Rose dedicates their movements in the world to cultivating practices of justice, awareness, and joy!

The seeds of respect for learning about & from plant allies were first planted here at Third Root back in 2009: Countless seasons, teachers, classroom & land-based lessons later, Avi-Rose has woven a vitalist herbal approach with yoga, food-based healing, meditation, and an anti-oppression framework to support individual & collective healing. Above all, they value co-creating accessible & generative space to support others in accessing their own insights & relationships to their bodies, the earth, and what is possible.


With Guest Teachers sára & Julia!

sára abdullah is an indigenous SWANA/Pinay non-binary femme Muslima descended from nomadic dreamweavers, kitchen witches, tricksters, and storytellers. She honors those who came before and those who gather with her in circle through a life's work in plant medicine, healing, pleasure activism, magic, writing, and nurturing the creative spirit in herself and others. As a poet, storyteller, cultural organizer, and healing artist, she is committed to uplifting radical tenderness, (re)membering embodied knowledge, and building collective liberation. She is the creator of earth seed holistic, a healing practice and consultancy that provides botanical offerings, herbal consultations, creativity coaching, energy work, full-spectrum doula companionship, and workshops centered in plant medicine and nurturing the creative spirit.



Julia Bennett is a Board certified licensed acupuncturist trained in both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture. She has also completed extensive studies in Chinese herbal medicine and Native American herbal medicine. Julia’s particular passion is community health and the health concerns of women with particular emphasis on working with women who have tested positive for HIV and AIDS. Julia ardently believes that the health challenges of our humanity must address wellness as a birthright.

Through the process of self actualization, communities are able to access their potential for transformation, make informed health care choices, and become well. With the use of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and the divine healing of compassionate touch, Julia stands as a committed vessel for the manifestation of wellness for all.


Realizing Your Rhythms: A Seasonal Approach to Surviving our Times with Resilience & Resistance

Reflection * Discussion * Ritual * Movement * Medicine Making

$40-$100 No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds

Read More About Locating Yourself Along our Sliding-Scale here

Whether this season finds you feeling stuck & stagnant or solid & seeking to sustain that, we invite you to join us in tapping into seasonal changes as an opportunity to reflect on personal and seasonal rhythms as a way to bolster your intentions to show up for yourself and our world.

Being resilient looks a lot of different ways, & harm-reduction strategies are where it’s at (!) as is anything that helps us connect to ourselves & the world at large when our nervous systems may be telling us that avoidance & hiding are the only way out. We believe the only way out is through: through listening, through attuning, and through showing up for the brave and continuous work of collective liberation.

Living in harmony with the seasons helps heal disconnection from our natural world and is a form of deep listening that can offer a pathway to the practice of being in our world as awake and actualized beings capable of staying present for the resistance that's needed! Through learning about the rhythms & energetics of each season, we will explore foods, herbs, movements, breathwork, heart-work, and practical coping strategies to align with the seasons and Shore Up so We Can Show Up! !

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