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Stephen Rye Switzer, Julia Bennett, and Angela Ueckerman facilitate these courses using popular education and experiential education to build your knowledge, understand herbalism in the context of contemporary healthcare, and empower and share the wisdom that each of us already embody to build herbal community. In Third Root’s Herbal Education Program, we strive to ignite the local community knowledge that has been prevalent in every culture regarding how to care for ourselves with plants and diet.

There are 3 levels to our Herbal Education Program. You are welcome to take just
one level, or two levels, or progress through all 3 levels. Completion of each level
entitles you to a certificate of completion.

Upcoming Programs:

Level I: Introduction to Herbal Medicine

April – November 2016 / $975 *

Taught by Third Root herbalists Stephen Rye SwitzerAngela Ueckerman & Julia Bennett

Co-Teachers Angela, Julia and Stephen

bee balmIn Level I, we cover the body system by system and the herbs that benefit that system, by observing their changing effects on the world and our bodies through the seasons. We cover over 10 medicinal herbs and their everyday uses, their actions, and doses. We learn medicine-making techniques every week, building your personal herbal apothecary. We also learn about the body systems through popular education techniques that make it more engaging and relevant. Class price includes a FREE consultation and custom herbal formulation for participants with a master herbalist.

Click here to view the syllabus and schedule

  • 7 Saturdays (and a weekend field trip)
    • Saturday 10:00 – 12:00: Plant identification & foraging walks throughout NYC
    • 2:00- 8:00 pm: Lectures and apothecary work at Thirdroot
    • Weekend field trip to a herb farm upstate, including swimming, plant spirit meditations, herb walks, and forest wildcrafting. Lodging / Transportation for this excursion is estimated as an additional $100-150

Only TWO spots remaining for the class starting Saturday April 23rd

Register and put down a $200 refundable deposit by April 18th 2016

Class size is limited to 15 for this popular class. Registrations are accepted until April 18th.

Steps to take to assure you have a spot:

Step 1- Fill out the application online or here:

Step 2: Make a refundable $200 deposit here & select Herbal Ed Registration Fee

Step 3: Hooray, you’re in! Deposits are refundable until April 15th 2016. Questions should be sent to stephen (at) thirdroot.org

Level II: $1200; TBD
Level III: $1500; TBD

Level II: Intermediate Studies in Herbal Medicine

This level builds on the foundation of knowledge gained from Level I. We will cover over 20 medicinal herbs and their everyday uses, their actions, and doses. This level will include an introductory and intermediate class on Botany and plant identification, a guest speaker and field trip. We
will continue to learn medicine-making techniques, study more in-depth formulary skills, and you will continue building your personal herbal apothecary. We will cover additional body systems and utilize popular education techniques that make your education more engaging and relevant.

Level III: Professional Level Course in Herbal Medicine

18 week Advanced Level course involving client consultations, botany, chemical constituents, independent project, and a trip to Vermont.

To find out more, or to sign up for our next Herbal Education session, contact us.

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