Herbal Education Workshops: Sliding Scale Details

What’s below is guidance to help you locate yourself along our scale scale compensation system for herbal education workshops.

Please read the narrative description of all three tiers and check out the visual tool as well.

Our ability to offer this form of justice pricing to create equity in access to herbal education and services is directly linked to every participants heartfelt mindfulness. We only ask for you to ground your identification of the rate most representative of your broad economic reality in care and reflection. Wherever you land, thank you for contribution and practicing community care with us!
Let Avi-Rose know if you have any questions, otherwise the good folks at the front desk are there for you to complete registration over the phone or in person.

Resourced & Aware Rate: $100 This reflects the true cost of this offering, helping us cover materials/compensate teachers/and support the sustainability of our beloved center while remaining accessible to ALL the community members we hope to serve. If you have access to financial security, own property, or have personal savings, or are able to pay for “wants” and spend little time worried about securing necessities in your life, you have economic privilege and power in our communities and this price may be for you. Your reflection and accountability and support of justice pricing allows us to offer sliding scale & further reduced scholarship rates to those in our communities who are in need: Thank you for your awareness and care!

Middle of the Line: $70 + This acknowledges that offering just the true cost of service would prevent some people from accessing needed support and the skills/education we should all have access to. Folks who might consider this rate likely do not spend most time thinking about meeting basic needs and have access to steady income, even if there are struggles with debt or building savings. Often those who choose the middle end do not honestly find themselves reflected in either descriptions for highest or lowest rates. Thank you!

Starting Rate: $40+  There is often not a deliberate opportunity made for many folks to access services and education at a cost that is reflective of their economic realities. This is for you if you struggle to maintain access to needs such as health care, housing, food, child care, are in significant debt or without steady income or you financially support family members from afar. You deserve a community that honors your price as equal an economic offering as those who pay at the highest! If this rate remains prohibitive, please note that no one is turned away for lack of funds. Welcome!

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