Roots -n- Seeds: Sliding Scale Details

Justice Pricing is a living practice of mutual aid & community care. It’s an exciting endeavor that seeks to create equity, access, and sustainability, all within the scarcity inducing & harsh realities of capitalism. It calls us all in to engage with heartfelt mindfulness as we seek to determine offerings that are generous yet wont cause hardship. Here are some considerations for placing yourself along our sliding scale.

We understand that adding expenses into the mix can be a challenge- no matter which tier you decide is right for you. That’s why we offer everyone the opportunity to pay on a 3-part payment plan. We only ask for you to ground your identification of the rate most representative of your broad economic reality in care and reflection. Wherever you land, thank you for contribution and practicing community care with us!

Resourced & Aware $650-500: The higher end of this tier represents the value of this course if we weren’t doing justice pricing.  This tier is suggested for those who have access to financial security, inheritance, own property or rent high-end housing.  Perhaps you have paid time off (or do not have to work), live on multiple incomes or only support yourself. You are able to pay for “wants” and spend little or no time worried about securing necessities.  While liquid resources can sometimes be tight and money concerns present, if most of the above text and the items in the full green bottle image feel true, this signifies economic privilege. Access to financial ease is not a privilege to feel ashamed or guilty for having!  These are all conditions that everyone should have access to but unjustly do not. The lower end of this tier might be appropriate for those for whom these markers have been historically true. Earning potential and access are still present, even if current resources are less abundant.  If this tier is for you, please select your payment frequency below. Thank you for being aware and showing up for this community! 

Middle of the Road $475-350: This rate acknowledges that paying at full cost would prevent some folks from being able to attend BUT for whom the community rate isn’t the most authentic placement.  It is a sacred sacrifice to pursue something you are called to do. The middle of the road tier is most appropriate for those who may have to make a sacrifice to prioritize their passions, but understand that is different from hardship.  If you aren’t spending most of your time thinking about meeting basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, child care, this middle of the road range might be for you. You might still struggle to conquer debt or build robust savings, but have or expect inheritance.  You might live paycheck to paycheck, but still have access to steady or substantial income. If paying for a class, product, or service would be a reach, but not detrimental – that is a sacrifice: but it doesn’t have a short or long term harmful impact and is ultimately about having economic choice.  If this tier is for you, please select your payment frequency below. Thank you for your deep mindfulness practice and showing up for this community – Welcome!

The Community Rate $350-275:  This is the rate for those who sometimes or often struggle to maintain access to needs such as health care, stable & safe housing, food, child care.  You might live low paycheck to paycheck or are on fixed income, can’t make headway on significant debt because of interest payments that threaten basic needs, have limitations on earnings due to disability/health/citizenship barriers, take care of multiple people on a single income, or meet other qualities described in the emptier green bottle.  This tier is for you if paying for a class, product, or service at the middle of the line rate would lead to a harmful impact on your life beyond a sacrifice. This tier seeks to prevent hardship, and if this is your reality, then this rate (& our scholarships) are designed for you. As a community, we respect your economic offering equally as the ones at the middle or higher tiers.  We don’t want to ask you to give us your labor or extra time to have a seat with us – we know that is the worst! If this tier is for you, please select your payment frequency below. Thank you for your trust and showing up for this community – Welcome!

We are also explicitly offering the community rate & prioritizing our  scholarships to Indigenous/Native American folks.  We want to acknowledge the harmful nature of colonization (and specifically, early western herbalists), and take meaningful economic action to demonstrate our solidarity.   We consider the systemic, historic, & persistent violence by our predominant culture (and herbal world) to be reprehensible. Should you wish to study with us, we would like to welcome and support you with this humble offering.  Perhaps your personal finances hold more choice & flexibility than described in the community rate and if that’s you, we welcome you to pay along a different tier if you’d like, please let us know what feels right for you.)

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