Joanne O.S. Kelly

Honored to be a part of the Third Root Collective, this Hawaiian-turned-New-Yorker looks forward to sharing the transformative and evolutionary technologies of yoga.

Offering twelve years of yoga practice and five years’ experience as an instructor, Joanne’s intention as a yoga teacher is to shine light where students may become aware of their innate capacity to grow on all levels, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Jo’s classes are a joyful mélange of Classical, Vinyasa and Kundalini – with a few hands-on techniques borrowed from her study of Thai Massage.  Joanne recently received certification as a Yogacharya at the 500-hr level through the Sivananda organization in Kerala, India after completing two 200-hour programs through The Yoga Connection in Tucson, and Sivananda in Madurai, India.

For her efforts in providing free yoga classes to under-served communities in Ireland, Tucson and Nebraska, Joanne was awarded a scholarship at the New York Yoga Journal Conference in April 2012 where she also served as an assistant. Through her unregistered nonprofit, Project Surya, Joanne organized karma yoga events for the victims of the Japan earthquakes and the cleaning of the River Ganga in Varanasi, India.

In addition to offering yoga classes to both children and adults, Joanne is also a writer and holds an English Literature BA from Tufts University.

Jo’s classes:

  • Sunday 9am Intermediate
  • Sunday 10:45am Basics
  • Friday 7am Open Yoga
  • Friday 9am Yoga for Your Back
  • Friday 11am Yoga with Wee Ones



Farewell, Jo!!
Dearest Third Root Community,


What an enriching year it’s been, sharing yoga with you in our little corner of Brooklyn.  Though it’s not easy to say goodbye to such brilliant community members, it’s time for me to return home to Hawaii.  This is one of those moments in life where the voice of intuition is so clear, it feels less like a decision and more like walking my path.  I hope some of you will join me in my next destination one day to reconnect – Oahu is not a bad place to practice yoga!


So thank you, mahalo, arigatoo, and go raibh maith agat, the rather long-winded Irish way of expressing gratitude, literally translated as “may you have goodness!”


It’s been an honor to impart what yogic techniques and knowledge I could, to laugh together, and to discover alongside one another.  Teaching is truly a form of learning, and you have been great gurus for me, shedding light on the journey.


If you dig on Facebook, you can find me through the handle name “okikokelly.”  Or if you’d prefer to message me on my site, it’s  It’d be great to stay in touch as a trip back to New York is definitely in the stars!

Love and Light,


Anicca, anicca, anicca – the only constant in life is change.

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