Anne Goss, LMT

Anne Goss has an International Baccalaureate (United Nations International School, 2005), a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Psychology (Boston University, 2009), and an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy (Swedish Institute, 2017).

She has spent the last five years in private
healthcare as a front desk manager/lead aid for a physical therapy office near South Street Seaport. After two years of training in Swedish and Shiatsu bodywork she received her New York State licensure in September 2017.
Anne is passionate about integrative holistic health care and she believes that individuals should be treated as a whole and not just as a site of pain/injury; conventional models of chronic pain management and rehabilitation can lose sight of an individual’s overall wellness. Massage therapy school gave Anne that purpose of helping others achieve holistic relief.

By calming the nervous system via massage and other self-care rituals we can counteract havoc done by chronic stress. Anne tries to empower individuals to champion their own wellbeing by informing them of the benefits of rest and relaxation. She aims to provide high quality bodywork and to be a source of support for anyone in need of healing mind, body, and

Having used holistic measures to heal herself from past traumas Anne hopes to help others
develop their self-care routines and aims to lead by example. She believes that all have a right
to living life free from fear and oppression. She advocates for equality, diversity, sustainability,
living a balanced life, and rejects prejudices like racism, sexism, and ageism. Anne has high
hopes of specializing in serving populations, including but not exclusively, individuals who
struggle with alcoholism/addiction, eating disorders, chronic pain, as well as those receiving
end-of- life hospice care. She looks forward to serving the Third Root Community.

When Anne is not massaging, she tries to spend as much time as she can being grateful for the
simple things that make life worthy of living: a hot cup of tea, traveling with her partner, spoiling
her nephew, meditating, reading self-improvement books, dancing with friends, journaling, and
being outside in the sun as much as possible with her two dogs, Princess and Paco.

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