Jameelah J. Duncan

jameelahMassage Therapist

My name is Jameelah Duncan. I am the newest addition to the Massage Therapy team, and am excited to be aboard with such a dynamic crew as the one here at Third Root.

My educational background comes from the likes of institutions such as St. George’s College (Trinidad, West Indies) and Swedish Institute, College for Health Sciences which have afforded me the opportunity and versatility of working with modalities such as Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Thai Massage, and Pre / Post Natal Massage, and Aromatherapy just to mention a few.

My recovery coach certification also lends in facilitating a more connected and client-centered environment/session, in which clients are free to ask questions related to their session while focusing on becoming deeply rooted in their newly potted realm of nurturing, allowing clearance of energies that may be impeding positive well-being, in mind, body and spirit.

I love what I do as a healer and am ready to extend that love and light through the medium of touch.

Can’t wait to see you on my table Thirdrooters!

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