Jess Jones

Jess began practicing yoga four years ago when carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and the stress of her post-college move to NYC propelled her onto a mat. Sweating profusely and smiling wider than ever, she found grace through practiced synchronization of breath and movement. A vipassana meditation practitioner, amateur contact improv dancer and budding Acro-Yogi, Jess received her YA 200-hr certification from Three Sisters Yoga, her children’s yoga certification from OmSchooled and has trained with The Lineage Project. In her classes, Jess weaves together insight & mindfulness meditation, playful movement exploration, and classic asana and pranayama. She encourages students toembrace the full spectrum of human experience through the cultivation of a curious and playful awareness of the present moment. Jess’s classes often flow to eclectic playlists culled from several years of working in A&R at a world music record label, and when she’s not teaching yoga, she’s playing Afro-Latin percussion, baking bread or doing cartwheels. She is infinitely grateful to her many teachers and to be in service to the Third Root community.

Priscilla Becker

Early in my yoga practice, a teacher told me that my inability to forward fold was a body habit. I had thought it a fact. After some time, I began to suspect that behavior, thought, and emotion might be habitual too. Meditative movement of the body has allowed me access into formerly closed-off (or perhaps non-existent) areas like re-invention, spontaneity, acceptance, responsiveness, and creation. If little else, at least I can see them.

My practice and teaching incorporate flow, alignment, and breath — three elements that bring new perspectives into view. As a teacher I wish to be a conduit, a hand to guide students down their (not my) paths. The paths might prove unimaginable and new.

I am grateful for the inspiration and example, physically and beyond, that I have experienced over the last twelve years from the teachers Sarah Willis, Paul Manza, and Nikki Villela. I am also certified in pre-natal yoga, a structure that has provided me, a non-pregnant yoga practitioner, with greater allowance of self-respect, fluidity, expansion, and trust.

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