Mona Eldahry, L.Ac., MSTOM

Mona is an acupuncturist and birth doula. She incorporates acupuncture with manual techniques and if necessary, cupping, moxa and gua sha to affect internal imbalances through musculoskeletal alignment. Just as our internal and emotional issues tend to show up in our posture, our musculoskeletal issues can affect our internal health! The goal in treatment is to help your body to carry itself with ease and to be more effective at healing itself. She also offers herbal formulas, which can be helpful with both internal and musculoskeletal conditions.

Mona studied acupuncture, herbal medicine and manual techniques at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She received training in acupuncture and manual techniques for labor and delivery at her alma mater and at Lutheran Medical Center, where she treats laboring women and individuals recovering from stroke. She studies ortho-bionomy, a gentle postural realignment technique, with the Society of Ortho-bionomy. In addition to her clinical training in perinatal health, Mona has also received clinical training in pediatric care, weight management and HIV/AIDS. Mona entered healthcare after a long career as a community organizer and popular educator. She believes that quality, affordable healthcare can empower communities. Visit Mona’s website.

Areas of Specialization:

Pregnant and Post-Partum People
Weight Management
Postural Realignment
Stroke Rehabilitation
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