Nanyamka T. Francique

IMG_0949I was born and raised in Trinidad. At the age of 14, I moved to Minnesota, then 4 years later I landed in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating high school, I went on to earn a cosmetology degree. I am now an aspiring artist interested in animation, bringing to life the realities everyday people in our community face. My life’s journey so far has opened my eyes to injustice that takes place in the world and our community. Through my love for art and people, and want for healing throughout a nation of people that need healing, I plan to use my voice and artistic abilities to assist those needing healing. Being a part of Third Root gives me the opportunity to find my voice and nurture it. Third Root gives me the opportunity to be an integral part of the growth in my Flatbush community, which I’m very happy and thankful for. The space offers much mental, physical and spiritual support; it has helped me to not only live it but to share it with others.

(She / her pronouns)

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