Rachel Casiano, LAc

Originally from Western Maryland, Rachel (she / her) is a DiaspoRican acupuncturist living in South Brooklyn. Before her training in acupuncture, she worked as a health educator and patient navigator in HIV services at a community health clinic and did outreach on a mobile testing van. Primarily serving queer and trans sex workers and transient people, this experience solidified her view that centering the health needs of the most marginalized people means better care for everyone.

She learned about acupuncture while volunteering with syringe exchange programs in upper Manhattan and the Bronx and seeing how acupuncture was used for detox, PTSD, and stress. The history of radical/collective uses of acupuncture, harm reduction philosophy, and her witness to the opioid epidemic in her hometown inspired her to pursue learning acupuncture. All these influences continue to guide her practice. She received her Master of Science in Acupuncture from Tri-State College of Acupuncture, and is continuing her studies of classical Chinese herbal medicine.

Rachel enjoys visiting bookstores and libraries, talking to birds, making zines, and doing prisoner support work in her spare time.

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