Romina Daniela Rodriguez-Crosta

Growing up cross-culturally (Argentine, Cuban, American) in Los Angeles, Romina received a rich insight into human nature early on. She learned that there are many viewpoints and beliefs and that these can and should coexist and influence each other. She applies this mentality to her daily life and her beliefs on health. Curiosity naturally led her to “alternative medicines,” especially yoga, chiropractic and massage therapy. Romina found these health systems to be as beneficial as traditional medicine in maintaining her health as well as treating ailments and illness. As a young person, Romina was blessed to be living in a community where these treatments were readily accessible; a local yoga studio offered free classes to minors, a massage center offered discounts for dancers, and her student insurance (miraculously) covered chiropractic care. This web of affordable health alternatives quickly disintegrated when she moved to New York to pursue a dance career. Suddenly, the health practices she had come to rely on were rendered inaccessible by lack of insurance coverage and unaffordably high prices.

Frustrated by the state of health care in the United States, Romina pursued a certificate in yoga instruction so that she could do her part to help the general health. Even then she was frustrated with the business of yoga, finding that high prices and marketing kept yoga away from lower-income communities. She believes that holistic health alternatives, such as yoga, should be an option for people regardless of economic background. Just as there is a myriad of viewpoints on happiness, religion and politics, so should there be a variety of health options for people to choose from.

“My role as a yoga instructor is to guide students to discover their inner wisdom. I believe that everyone is inherently perfect — that by calming our minds and listening to our hearts, we can discover who we truly are. Having studied different styles of yoga for more than eight years and dance for 12 years, I bring a well-rounded and expansive awareness of the body to my teaching. Using an approach that is gentle yet encouraging, nurturing yet strong, I encourage students of all levels to find self awareness and freedom of movement with confidence and agility. Students leave class feeling refreshed, alert, relaxed and more knowledgeable about their practice. My classes emphasize alignment in the asanas, proper use of pranayama and meditation. As a dancer I am especially interested in building strength and flexibility through harmony of breath with movement. Most importantly, I am aware of individual students’ needs and devote all of my energy towards facilitating their yogic path.

I am excited to share my love of yoga with anyone who is interested!”

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