Sherley Accimé

Sherley Accimé, B.A., LMT, is a Holistic Practitioner
whose work focuses on psychosomatic disorders.
She is the sole proprietor of SeaElle Integrated Therapy, a private practice which offers women of color an opportunity to release undo stress by manipulating the body and
re-integrating the Body Mind Spirit connection. Along
with hands-on techniques, every treatment is coached to
engage patients in partaking in their own natural healing process by first connecting with breath, nurturing their personal space, providing them self-care exercises, dietary tips etc.

Ms. Accimé is also the Founding Director of Alternative Network for Employee
Wellness: ANEW-NY which is a Radical Grassroots social enterprise committed
to providing on-going support to Social Justice Agencies for the reduction of
Compassion Fatigue/Burnout, high rate of attrition, boost employee morale and
increase Work Productivity through a Network of practitioners specializing in

Sherley attended CUNY/Hunter College, where she received a B.A. in Psychology
in 2002 and furthered her academic career by attaining an Associate’s Degree in
Massage Therapy in 2008 at the Swedish Institute. Since licensed in 2008, she
has worked in various wellness establishments such as chiropractic office, a Yoga
studio, and Eastern-based wellness centers. Her modalities range from Deep
tissue, Sports/Medical, Myofascial Release, Hot/Cold Stone and Hydro Therapies, Swedish, Chair massage, Pre-Natal/Post-Partum, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Rain
Drop Technique. Sherley continues to further her skills through acquiring
Continuing Education Units and is CPR certified.

Ms. Accimé is affiliated with and is insured the American Massage Therapy
Association (AMTA), Swedish Institute Alumni Network, and Gay & Lesbian
Medical Association (GLMA)

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