anyanwupicAnyanwu first came to Third Root September 2013 as a client. Through her commitment to receiving acupuncture after a successful health practice in the Bay Area she was clear that Third Root was a great fit and acupuncture had widened her perspective of care, wellness and recovery. With 14 years of experience in Child & Adolescent Treatment, Community & Youth Development Agency Programming, and research in Race Class & Oppression she found that working at Third Root would be a great avenue to explore what being a healer meant beyond a social, behavioral and political frameworks. She came from an education in Pan African Studies at California State University, Nothridge, Child & Adolescent Treatment at UC Berkeley Extention, and Human Rights Education at the University of San Francisco. Coming back to New York, her birthplace, she hopes to harness crafts as an herbalist and doing energy work to bring healing communities full circle in the care that she can provide.

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