Stephen Switzer, LMT

Stephen Rye Switzer, LMT is a massage therapist & herbalist. He is a graduate of the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences with an AOS in Massage Therapy. Stephen specializes in Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Medical and Swedish Massage. Stephen is committed to helping heal fellow organizers, activists, queers, elders and anyone with a desire to take back their healthcare from the medical industrial complex.

At Thirdroot Stephen has many roles, including bookkeeper, gardener, herbalist, trainer, facilitator and massage therapist. Stephen grew up white and poor in rural Arizona in a strong single-parent household. He has listened to the teachings of the earth from a young age – learning to love and respect the world from his elders. Interested in healing, but frustrated with the allopathic system, Stephen attended Middlebury College and has worked towards environmental justice for the last 10 years. Stephen has been committed and exposed to social justice since his teens, through attending summer camps for poor and POC youth, and always keeps a vision of health justice in his heart.

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