Priscilla Becker

Early in my yoga practice, a teacher told me that my inability to forward fold was a body habit. I had thought it a fact.  After some time, I began to suspect that behavior, thought, and emotion might be habitual too.  Meditative movement of the body has allowed me access into formerly closed-off (or perhaps non-existent) areas like re-invention, spontaneity, acceptance, responsiveness, and creation.  If little else, at least I can see them. My practice and teaching incorporate flow, alignment, and breath — three elements that bring new perspectives into view. As a teacher I wish to be a conduit, a hand to guide students down their (not my) paths.  The paths might prove unimaginable and new. I am grateful for the inspiration and example, physically and beyond, that I have experienced over the last twelve years from the teachers Sarah Willis, Paul Manza, and Nikki Villela. I am also certified in pre-natal yoga, a structure that has provided me, a non-pregnant yoga practitioner, with greater allowance of self-respect, fluidity, expansion, and trust.

Priscilla’s class:

  • Thursday 9am Morning Flow
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