As a worker-owned cooperative, all of us at Third Root enjoy treating our clients' health needs as well as running the practical aspects of the center. However, we know we cannot accomplish all of these tasks on our own. Keeping in mind the values of community-based action, teamwork and grassroots involvement, we invite all those interested in participating in Third Root to get involved as a volunteer! Volunteering is a cornerstone of social action, and something we value highly at the center. Our volunteers are crucial and much-appreciated.

Volunteering at Third Root can take many forms, including front desk shifts, outreach, childcare and handiwork - including light carpentry and painting. Front desk shifts include reception, organizational work, and interacting with our clients. Outreach may include handing out flyers in the neighborhood or leaving cards at other community centers, among many options. We acknowledge that everyone can bring a specific skill set to this work, and we encourage you to volunteer according to your interests and talents. If you have a specific skill or simply the desire to help out where you are most needed, let us know!

If you'd like to submit your application offline, or have further questions, please contact our Volunteer Manager, Francisco Eraso 718-940-9343 / francisco@thirdroot.org

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