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Wesley Webb Yoga Student

So many queer spaces in this city, particularly for gay men, restrict the body's full expression. Third Root's Queer and Trans yoga class offers a space to nourish, heal, explore, and celebrate my mind and body as a gay man. Before coming to Third Root, I had tried yoga classes several times but never felt able to integrate yoga into my life. I've now been practicing for more than a year. Because of Third Root's inviting space, its strong sense of community, and its fantastic instructors, yoga is now central to the way I live.

All of the instructors are wonderful. Jacoby in particular approaches his teaching with a powerful ease and a grounding sense of humor. He's very attuned to students' needs and incorporates suggestions into each class.

Jan Andrew Ditmas Park

When I faced surgery last year, Jacoby worked with me on a cleansing program that included a special diet and acupuncture. My surgeon was amazed at my resiliency. Thanks, Jacoby.

Rachel Parsons
 Herbal Education Student, Yoga Student

Third Root has become one of my most important places in the neighborhood. The yoga classes are affordable, welcoming, challenging, and grounding, and the herbalism classes changed the way that I think about health and take care of my body and spirit. I really love the way that the folks at Third Root get feedback from the community about what we want and need and then make it happen through classes, the apothecary, special events, and other services.

CB Stewart
 Yoga Student, Herbal Education Student

From deepening my yoga practice in a class where queer bodies are affirmed and celebrated, learning how to use herbs to heal and transform minds, bodies, and spirits, and so much more, I know that I am restored and sustained by the healing justice work of Third Root's practitioners and my fellow community members. Third Root is a sanctuary for me, and a resource and blessing to the neighborhood and world.

Emerson Brisbon

I have been going to Third Root for acupuncture consistently for almost two years now and I would never go anywhere else in the city. The Third Root community is so warm and welcoming, I look forward to my biweekly appointments as a real escape from the stresses of work and life and as a chance to get reconnected and grounded in myself. Whenever someone is looking for acupuncture or massage I tell them to go to Third Root!

Jessie Spector

Third Root is a deeply community space that is hard to find most anywhere else in New York City. The collective nature and friendship between practitioners, students, and clients puts me immediately at ease whenever I walk in. Third Root clearly holds out holistic paths towards health and healing that are bold alternates to mainstream norms without being condescending or forceful in their approach. Third Root is empowering - I don't feel afraid of asking questions, giving feedback, or being honest with what I need.

Jay Toole
 Queers for Economic Justice

My thoughts about 3rd Root ...... being a 62 year old Butch (at the time) who had never ever done any kind of yoga .... I found you guys so amazing, you treated this body of mine with care and a Lotta love ... So appreciate you guys and what you do for the community .... Keep up the good work we need it!

Lisa Garrett
 fearless Yoga instructor

Third Root is an urban oasis, a chance for folks to walk into a healing center and feel like they belong -because it does belong to the community. Yoga, acupuncture and other wellness modalities are readily accessible and offered in a welcoming environment. Folks who've prioritized taking time out of their day to invest in their wellness get the immediate reassurance that it is worth it. The Ditmas Park location will always have a special place in my heart- and I wish there were more all over the City!

Rye Young

Third Root is where I figured out how I was going to transition my gender as a part of my holistic healing process. It was the first place I felt empowered to create a transition plan based on what felt right for me, and not based on what others assumed I wanted. I will always love Third Root for that.

Molly McHenry
 Yoga Student, Nurse Practitioner

I started practicing yoga at Third Root 4 years ago when I first moved to NYC. Since then, it has offered so many opportunities for growth and community. I feel grateful to have access to such an open and healing place.

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