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A Black person with short hair wearing a blue top and black pants is sitting cross legged with a baby in their lap, they are looking at the baby and smiling. The baby is Black with lighter skin than the adult holding them and is wearing a white, red, blue paisley jumper and holding a yellow toy. They are sitting in a yoga studio with wood floors.

Third Root’s Yoga with Wee Ones classes foster a warm and welcoming community for all caregivers and children ages 6-wks  - 6 years, helping little ones and grown-ups connect with their bodies, each other, and the physical world. Through imaginative play, singing, movement games, prop and toy exploration, and partnering, students engage in a developmentally-appropriate yoga and pranayama (breathwork) practice. Caregivers also have the opportunity to make connections with each other that can carry over outside the classroom. Our well trained teachers offer classes that are nourishing and fun for all, in a supportive and lighthearted environment. From mommies to daddies, aunties, nannies, and grannies, any caregivers of all ages are welcome.

Drop-in Weekly Classes

$18 or 1 class from Class Card, siblings are 1/2 off! No additional charge for multiple caregivers. 

Monthly Drop-in Weekend Classes

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Baby and Me (6 weeks – early crawling)

“Baby and Me” class is for babies who are 6 weeks through pushing back on the belly. Class focuses on developing babies’ ability to regulate their new and sensitive nervous system, introducing sensory stimulation of all kinds in a supportive way. Special attention is paid to tummy time and helping babies develop the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship of limbs to spine for future postural support and cognitive development. All activities emphasize the baby-caregiver bond.


Creepers and Crawlers (crawling – early walking)

“Creepers and Crawlers” class is for babies who are scooting on their tummies through almost walking. Class focuses on supporting these babies’ new ability to move through space – rolling, scooting, creeping, crawling, and cruising – as well as introducing more socialization with others. Playful partner activities with caregivers help develop babies’ growing sense of balance and relationship to gravity.


Tots (walking – age 3)

“Tots” class is for children who are walking up to age 3.Class focuses on developing toddlers’ growing independence and mobility, body awareness, early language skills, and increased socialization and communication with others.Caregivers and toddlers play together, as caregivers often demonstrate and toddlers imitate recognizable yoga postures.


Kids (2.5 - age 6)

Not Currently offered.


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Bridget Kessler, Third Root Parent

"I just wanted to forward along a plug for a baby yoga class at Third Root that is phenomenal. The teacher, Laura is so in tune with the babies and Fenn absolutely adores the class. She's also really knowledgeable about baby/child development, and makes great suggestions for playing with your baby and helping him/her learn new things. Fenn and I have been going every week since he was about 9 weeks old (except when we were out of town). Laura is very warm and welcoming and it's never an issue if a baby is fussy or sleepy or not in the mood. The class is a space where you can do whatever you need for your baby (and may get to do a few things for yourself as well - though it is more baby focused which I love). I have done the series several times and loved going regularly and watching Fenn grow and change in the class (I think he responds well to the consistency each week as well and looks fwd to the class/lights up and laughs or smiles when I do stuff from class at home)."

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