Join Breathwork Healer, 500hr RYT and Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant Regina for this highly transformative, cathartic and powerfully healing monthly gathering.

Breathwork is a powerful, active, sustained pranayam (breath control) technique that encourages the release of stuck energy, old traumas and negative emotions so that you can step into being your own authentic, dynamic, creative and loving self. Get to the essence of who you are meant to be by engaging in deep release. Each month Regina will offer a different theme drawing upon her own history of spiritual growth and healing to offer up a unique experience focused on the ultimate goal of self-love and evolution.

Regina is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, 500-hr registered yoga teacher and Breathwork healer living in Brooklyn, NY since 2004. She received her Ayurveda and yoga teaching certifications from the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda in 2014 and trained with master Breathwork healer and teacher David Elliot in 2017.

Upcoming Events

  • Breathwork is held the second Saturday of every month 6pm - 8pm
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