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Third Root is a place where everyone and every body is encouraged to practice yoga in a way that embraces and celebrates humanity’s diversity of size, race, gender, dis/ability, income level, and language/s spoken.


Basics is a welcoming hatha class for those new to yoga. Gain familiarity withbasic yoga poses (asana) and breath work (pranayama) through this supportive practice.

Beginner’s yoga

Thoughtful, intelligent & safe, this on-going class guides beloved newbies through an introduction to yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breath), and sequencing.Yoga class etiquette and student/teacher relationship demystified! Students of all ages, levels and abilities are welcome to this slow moving class that speaks to the beginner’s mind.

Core & Restore

Core and Restore is an open-level class that utilizes core-targeted poses and exercises for the wellness of abs, internal organs, and the back. Long held poses and breath work for deep relaxation. Great for postnatal students and those with low back pain.

Family Friendly

Practitioners of all ages are welcome to spread out a mat and do asana (make shapes with our bodies) together.

Flow & Restore

This open levels class combines an active asana practice followed by relaxing restorative yoga.The flow portion of class will include Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa techniques to build heat gently but deeply, preparing the body for the work of letting go & restoration. In the restorative portion of class, students may use props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to support the body in postures that promote the opening of connective tissues and deeper relaxation.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a slow-paced, attentive, graceful hatha yoga class that moves through asana and is intended to create space in the mind and body. This non-strenuous class is useful for anyone just beginning yoga, for people with injuries or other physical ability differences, and anyone looking to release and relax.


Intermediate is a blend of Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa techniques, for those
familiar with the poses, and are working to open and strengthen the body. We learn more demanding poses, such as inversions, arm-balances, longer holds and a more complex sequencing.


Intermediate/Advanced is a class for those with a long-standing yoga practice who wish to deepen their practice through more advanced inversions, binds, arm balances, meditation, and breath work.


Meditation is a still class to bring you home to your breath and the quietest place within. We work with different styles of meditation each week. We meditate together for 20 minutes, and then talk about our experience to build community and common language around our practice.


‘Open Level’ classes are Hatha Vinyasa where people of any yoga experience are welcome.

Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga will support you through the journey of pregnancy and birth with modifications on common poses for your body and the baby within that you can bring into general classes as well.

Queer & Trans Yoga

Queer and Trans Yoga is a class specifically for LGBT community that leaves heterosexism and transphobia outside the classroom and allows for you to be fully present and embodied. This class builds community as we create space for reach other and all of our different bodies and genders.

Yoga for Abundant Bodies

Yoga for Abundant Bodies (YAB) is a workshop specifically designed for practitioners of larger shapes and sizes. For some, there is a perception that their size and ability prevent them from doing yoga or they feel they’re not necessarily welcomed in other classes. Where it’s easy to say this isn’t the case, Shri Devi knows this firsthand and holds space for YAB to be the compassionate place for your practice to grow without judgment. With the use of props (blankets, bolsters, yoga straps, and blocks), you are invited to discover creative ways to enjoy this practice at your own pace. Yoga is not about working against your natural body.  Instead, through mindful movements, meditation and collaborative effort, this workshop is designed to be fun and creative, giving you an opportunity to expand your practice of self-care.

Yoga for Your Back

Nourish a positive relationship with your back in this therapeutic yoga class designed especially for chronic back concerns. We will strengthen the core and supporting muscle groups, increase range of motion, improve posture, and draw awareness to the inner-healer through breath control (pranayam) and meditation (dhyana). Whether you’re recovering from a specific injury, have “desk neck,” or simply prefer a gentle & healing yoga class, all are welcome to Yoga for Your Back.


Clase abierta dictada completamente en espanol.
Es una clasebasada en alineamiento preciso en la que fluiras con gracia de una postura a la otra, conectandote con los ritmos naturales del cuerpo y estableciendo una conexionintima con la esencia de tu Ser. La atencion al alineamiento facilitara la fluidez energetica y de respiracion, creando un ambiente ideal para ganar mas flexibilidad, tonificar los musculos y elevar tu nivel de conocimiento para incluir todos los aspectos de tu Ser y la esencia de la cual se manifiestan.

Open level class taught fully in Spanish.
An alignment based graceful flow that will connect you to the natural rhythms and innate wisdom of your body while establishing an intimate connection with the source of your being. The precise alignment cues will allow you to experience a deeper breath and energy flow, creating a suitable environment to gain more flexibility, strength and heighten your awareness to include al aspects of your Self and the essence from which they manifest.

Yoga with Wee-Ones Series

Third Root’s Wee Ones classes foster a warm and welcoming community for all caregivers and children ages 0-3, helping little ones and grown-ups connect with their bodies, each other, and the physical world. Through imaginative play, singing, movement games, prop and toy exploration, and partnering, students engage in a developmentally-appropriate yoga and pranayama (breathwork) practice. Caregivers also have the opportunity to make connections with each other that can carry over outside the classroom. Laura Grant, certified adult, child, and baby yoga teacher, offers classes that are nourishing and fun for all, in a supportive and lighthearted environment. From mommies to daddies, aunties, nannies, and grannies, any caregivers of all ages are welcome.

Baby and Me (6 weeks – early crawling) “Baby and Me” class is for babies who are 6 weeks through pushing back on the belly. Class focuses on developing babies’ ability to regulate their new and sensitive nervous system, introducing sensory stimulation of all kinds in a supportive way. Special attention is paid to tummy time and helping babies develop the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship of limbs to spine for future postural support and cognitive development. All activities emphasize the baby-caregiver bond.

Creepers and Crawlers (crawling – early walking) “Creepers and Crawlers” class is for babies who are scooting on their tummies through almost walking. Class focuses on supporting these babies’ new ability to move through space – rolling, scooting, creeping, crawling, and cruising – as well as introducing more socialization with others. Playful partner activities with caregivers help develop babies’ growing sense of balance and relationship to gravity.

Tots (walking – age 3)  “Tots” class is for children who are walking up to age 3. Class focuses on developing toddlers’ growing independence and mobility, body awareness, early language skills, and increased socialization and communication with others. Caregivers and toddlers play together, as caregivers often demonstrate and toddlers imitate recognizable yoga postures.

Off-Site Offerings

Invest in your organization’s sustainability by inviting Third Root’s caring and experienced yoga teachers into your work place. Third Root aims to make health and healing more accessible – we’re happy to bring our affordable group classes to non-profit, activist, educational, clinical, corporate and private settings. We understand that self-care can be a challenge when your life draws you in many passionate directions, so we offer satellite classes that meet the needs and interests of you and your colleagues. Click here for details.

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