Community Acupuncture – now by appointment!


Dear Community Acupuncture Patients:

REMINDER: Today, Friday October 9th, we begin scheduling appointments for Community Acupuncture sessions for Monday October 12th, and beyond!

You can make appointments online by clicking on this link: (which you can also find above under the “Rates/Booking” tab.)

If your email address is already in our system and you have already received acupuncture treatments at Third Root, simply follow these steps:

1) Click “can’t remember password”
2) Enter email address (same one as was used in our other appointment software)
3) Access temp password from above email account and login in with it and make your appointment

If you have any problems, please call us at 718-940-9342, or

Appointments can also be made in person or by phone, and with individual practitioners or for any open spot that is convenient for you.

Why this change? In order to increase our efficiency and prevent delays practitioners in community acupuncture need to know when to expect patients. We’ve loved being a walk in clinic, but as our numbers increase over time having appointments will allow us to map out our workdays and decrease stress on practitioners.

Does this mean I can’t walk in at all? In order to do our best as practitioners, but also be as accessible as possible we ask that you call us instead of walking in. We expect that same day appointments will be available, and you are welcome to come in and schedule one. As of Oct 12th we do require appointments.

Thanks in advance for your patience while we move through this change together :)


The Third Root Collective and Administrative Staff


Third Root is ….


 a worker-owned cooperative, proudly made up of a diverse ownership.


We are multiracial, multinational, intergenerational, dis/abled, fat, immigrant, working class, women, LGBT/gender non-comforming, and we are healers.

Third Root Collective, 2013