Third Root is ….


 a worker-owned cooperative, proudly made up of a diverse ownership.


We are multiracial, multinational, intergenerational, dis/abled, fat, immigrant, working class, women, LGBT/gender non-comforming, and we are healers.

Third Root Collective, 2013

shay(den) n. gonzalez

Shayden2Like many New Yorkers who are doing all the things and sleeping with all the people, shay(den) rushed into a yoga class searching for that elusive self-care folks talk about. Instead, he found that yoga is not self-care but that self-care, like yoga is a practice. Since then, shay(den)’s grown in humanity and relation to community.

In 2009 he took a StreetYoga training and began practicing meditation and pranayama with the homeless and transient youth he worked with. In 2012/13 he was trained in Vinyasa and Yin styles respectively though his personal asana practice is with Anusara inspired and alignment focused instructors.

shay(den) is a bi-racial, afrolatin@, queerdo who is also a reiki practitioner, doula, and energy worker currently residing in Philadelphia. He’s been facilitating on the intersections of lives since 2006 and in 2010 began do that work nationally. All of shay(den)’s practices are rooted in anti-racism and social justice and he is committed to holding caring space for critical analysis. When he’s not working or practicing he hangs out with his gunmetal grey and purple fixed gear bike named “Sparkle Motion”, obsessively listens to music, and can be found cooking while happily mumbling to no one in particular.