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Three people lying down on yoga mats, towels, bolsters and blocks on a wood floor. There is a stack of bolsters to the left. In the right hand lower corner another person's legs are visible too.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India several thousand years ago. The goal of yoga is to approach self-realization by practicing a system of breathing exercises, physical exercises, and meditation. While yoga is historically connected to Hindu religion and spirituality, it is important to understand that anybody can practice yoga solely for its physical and health benefits. All people who practice yoga are considered yogis regardless of age, experience level, flexibility or strength.

Third Root is a place where everyone and every body is encouraged to practice yoga in a way that embraces and celebrates humanity's diversity of size, race, gender, disability, income level, and language/s spoken.

Third Root wants to bring as many people to yoga as possible, period. However, there are many economic, racial, and cultural barriers for different groups of people in accessing yoga in many yoga studios. For some people, $20 per class is an exorbitant fee and so they cannot attend classes regularly; for others, they do not see their identity reflected in the teachers and so they cannot be fully present; for others, they do not speak English as a first language and so cannot understand the practice fully.

We also see yoga as a space of healing - all of our teachers have found yoga to be essential in their own self-care, as well as their own path of finding who they are. We know that there are countless people out there who need healing at some level. Therefore, we have created classes that are specifically focused on certain communities so that they might begin to heal together and create a support network for that essential personal work.

We wanted to address these barriers and open our doors to people who sometimes feel shut out of yoga studios. Our yoga classes are $18 per class and the prices go down from there for class cards. We have three specialized classes right now - Yoga for Abundant Bodies, Queer and Trans Yoga, and Brown Sugar: Yoga for Folks of Color and we are working on building the relationships needed to be able to have other specialized classes. Some of our ideas include Prenatal Yoga, ASL Yoga for the d/Deaf and heard of hearing communities, and Yin Yoga for Chronic Illness, and we are looking for community input to develop more class ideas.

Specialized & Affinity Group Programming:

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